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One step to a champion`s title

26 - j round of superiority of Russia can define the champion of the country

Petersburg “ to Zenith “ it is necessary to take one step to gold medals. If on Sunday it beats in the central match of round in Moscow “ the Locomotive “ on its way to gold medals almost there will be no obstacles­. And “ Spartak “ lagging behind now from pitertsev on three points, hardly can catch up with it in the remained four rounds.

“ zenith “ - the champion! “ - with such heading there were sports newspapers after 25 - go round of the championship of Russia in which the Petersburg club has beaten CSKA. However 26 - j round can appear more a serious obstacle as to play visitors with “ railwaymen “ perhaps, more difficult than to accept houses handing over champion powers of CSKA. “ the locomotive “ has already moved through “ Spartak “ Couple of weeks back so why it not to repeat the same focus with “ Zenith “?

“ the Locomotive “ probably, the most unpredictable command of the Russian championship. Already it is now clear that Anatoly Byshovets did not manage to become in club to the and to adjust game, but after all players in a class have not lost. Let they operate basically by a principle “ inharmoniously “ but each of them is able to win matches alone. Itself “ the Locomotive “ taking the eighth place in the standings, already any problems does not solve but why not to spoil life to favourites? It is a command nervous, and in it, strangely enough, its trump. Towards the end of the championship when forces any more there was no also much if not everything, solves a psychological spirit, there is a desire to prove what exactly you in this country are better the than the others play football. And at “ the Locomotive “ Malicious for the whole world for own failures, ruined the season, lost chances of hit in League of champions, is only one possibility to prove that it something costs, - to spoil game by that who still had pair of steps to a champion`s title. “ Spartak “ already on itself has felt that such the derailed train, the turn " now has come; Zenith “.

But at “ Zenith “ there is a serious difference from “ it is red - white “. For it “ gold “ the Russian superiority means much more, than for “ Spartaka “. If to players “ Zenith “ have told that after that champion`s titles in their football life will be nothing, they would agree. All Peter has gone mad, the city dreams gold medals. Certainly, “ Spartak “ too very much wants to become the champion, but “ Zenith “ dreams of this victory with fervour of the insane person. And if for the sake of Russian “ gold “ It will be necessary to gnaw a stadium lawn in Cherkizove it it will make. Besides, “ Zenith “ will play with “ Loko “ almost on the finish of a season when the error price increases improbably. And in case of an error misfire there will be no time to correct. So, of course, “ Zenith “ will lead a match with “ Loko “ extremely with concentration. But it ­ does not mean at all ­ that the home team cannot enclose “ to Zenith “ a pig.

“ Spartaku “ it is necessary much more simple match. In 26 - m its round wait on a visit clubmates from Nalchik, a command strong, but stars from the sky not sufficing. It is difficult to present, that in Nalchik the sensation has taken place. In this match the destiny of a champion`s title hardly will dare. A calendar at “ Spartaka “ uneasy, meetings with " are coming it; Moscow “ “ the Dynamo “ “ Saturn “ also would be silly to lose points in a match about - tiv serednjaka. As to other matches of round, it is necessary to allocate a meeting “ Saturn “ and “ the Dynamo “ - two clubs seriously applying ­­ for the third place in the championship. It is quite possible to say that lost in this meeting further will be only the detached onlooker in struggle for “ bronze “.