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America shivering

on screens leaves a new film with Dzhodi Foster

In hire there will be a drama Brave - a film in which which - who from Americans has found the war justification in Iraq. The director Nile Jordan, on its account " has put an ambiguous tape oskaronosnyj; the Cruel game and Interview to the vampire . To a leading role have invited Dzhodi Foster who, as it is known, is no time searched for the maniac in Silence of lambs and in a new film has turned to the serial murderer - linchevatelja. The director, seemingly, celebrates dream of all humiliated and offended - Lynch`s court.

under the scenario heroine Dzhodi Foster takes up arms, without expecting the help from the authorities. However, action occurs not at the time of dashing cowboys, and in modern New York. Eric`s main heroine makes with the lover performed by a serial star to Survive Nevina Andrews a promenade on To the most safe city on light . The situation not only shocking, but also in the same degree the typical Further follows: in a dark back street there are certain morons who suit to heroes a bloody bath and remove it on a videocamera. As a result of Eric it appears in hospital, and its beloved goes to a better world. Having come back home, the woman understands that the small group of street muggers for the sake of idiotic fun and a small robbery has crushed her life. Now Eric drinks soothing tablets, shudders from each sound and is afraid of people who follow it.

investigation goes To polices inertly, and the woman tries to buy a pistol in shop. On the permission too much time is required. Then she buys the weapon from - under floors. As soon as Eric is felt in a pocket by weight of a pistol, there and then decides that it not a creature shivering. Every night heroine Dzhodi Foster goes out of doors and lynches criminals - wets robbers in the underground which zarjatsja on iPod, rescues the prostitute and so forth. Actually, such idea of a film reminds as Martin Scorsese`s classical tape the Taxi driver with Robert De Niro, and newer drama I have had enough! with Michael Duglasom. In a brilliant picture which became one of the best films with participation of Douglas, simple serving in a suit and a tie throws the car in a traffic jam and goes into a track of war against system. With each step it loses a kind of the decent citizen and turns to the present soldier, arming to the teeth.

in Brave there is something similar. Eric first is not able to use at all a pistol, and in the ending arranges the present gangster dismantlings. At both pictures there is also a theme of mutual relations of the hero - the rebel and the policeman. In Brave Detective plays Terrens Hovard ( Vanity and movement ) . Besides, in a film elements grajndhaus - films are easily found out, and woman`s revolt arranges Eric it is similar to that was in recent the death Proof Quentin Tarantino. However in adventures of the woman - Rembo is also one more sense, frankly political. An event to the main heroine try to compare that America has worried on September, 11th. I thought that I will not be afraid, but the destiny has disposed on - to another - says Eric, and the majority of citizens of the USA understand, about what there is a speech.

not without reason and in the name of the heroine - Erica - the component from America is found out. Here, say, the whole country searched for a lawful way to punish terrorists, and to it have answered: it is necessary to wait, at us here delays and formalities. What to do, if it is impossible to operate under the law? And Eric - America speaks: I will not suffer Any more - and itself shoots the enemies. Simple people are glad to it. Even legalists admit a film that, following a law letter, is frequent not in a condition of anything to do with otjavlennymi criminals. However, if to think, such logic is in poor shape: to difficultly itself to imagine America the such weak country going on dark street, where full big terrible jockstraps in heavy boots. And here on such lame mare a film Brave also drives to the Russian cinemas.