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Bulgarians want to press Vichy

on counters of the Russian drugstores

As it became known daily, the Bulgarian manufacturer of cosmetics Solvex enters the Russian market with a line of medical cosmetics Elea which will be mainly on sale ­ in drugstores. Solvex expects to make a competition to such brands, as Vichy, Avene and Lierac, first of all thanks to the price: the Bulgarian ­ cosmetics will be on sale in nizkotsenovom a segment while the named competitors work in a bonus segment. However experts of the market warn that this trump can not work.

company Solvex is created in 1995 in Bulgaria. There is a manufacture ­ in the city of Plovdiv. In the Bulgarian market of cosmetics the company occupies about 10 %. Over 65 % of let out production it is intended for export. Besides Bulgaria production Solvex is on sale in Russia and in Ukraine­. The basic brands - Miss Magic, Miss and Mr Solvex, Elea, MM Beauty.

Cosmetic means on face care Elea should appear in Russia already in the end of 2007. The cosmetics will be realised in drugstores and specialised perfumery - cosmetic ­ shops. Now the Bulgarian company carries on negotiations with the basic chemist`s networks, in particular with “ 36,6 “ and “ Rigloj “. The official representative and the exclusive distributor of the Bulgarian cosmetic means the company " will advance production Solvex in the Russian market; BRK - kosmetiks “.

According to its general director Metodi Madzharova, mark Elea will compete to such brands, as Vichy, Avene, Uriage, Bioderma, Biotherm, Lierac. He considers what to press competitors Solvex the price policy will allow: company production will settle down in a high range nizkotsenovogo a segment (250-500 rbl.) . G - n Madzharov asserts that “ the low price does not mean that Elea more low quality ­“: “ It is the modern cosmetics developed in laboratories Solvex in Switzerland and France “. “ BRK - kosmetiks “ counts that within three years the sales volume of this cosmetics will make 40 million dollars a year.

however experts warn that - the low price - can not work the prepared trump. “ as have shown results of polls of consumers, in Russia the price has essentially smaller value at a choice of the goods for appearance and health, - the representative of research company ACNielsen Natalia Ignatyev marks. - one of the strongest arguments in favour of purchase is a seductive promise of a known brand “. The Bulgarian manufacturer should face a rigid competition as in the market tens the Russian and western brands which have already gained trust of consumers are presented. “ For example, in the Russian drugstores the cosmetics of trade mark Vichy occupies third of all sales of cosmetic production in cost expression “ - the analyst ekspomediagruppy " adds; the Old fortress “ Elvira Zotova.

However thus experts mark perspectivity of sales of cosmetics through chemist`s networks. “ realisation of medical cosmetics through drugstores is a perspective idea, - the director for marketing of a chemist`s network " speaks; 36,6 “ Elena Kukol. - for example, in structure of sales of our chemist`s network the share of medical cosmetics makes more than 20 %, and this share constantly increases “. Besides, and the market of cosmetics on care of a skin on which leaves Solvex, grows high rates. According to ACNielsen, growth of sales of means for care of a face skin in 2006 in comparison with 2005 has made 25 % in cost expression. And this market in many respects thanks to the antiage means ­ which ­ sales for a year have increased by 39 % grows­.