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Goncharuk solves how to spend

earned in the first half of the year

Consolidated gain AFK System in the first half of the year of this year has reached almost 6 mlrd dollars, and the net profit has made 877 million dollars Most of all corporation money on - former brings it a daughter MTS, and afflict Sitroniks and System - the Tack . A fair part of the earned money System intend to enclose in the Indian market of cellular communication in which it is planned will not invest 1 mlrd dollars it is deprived by attention and Europe, where System intend to participate in competitions on reception of cellular licences.

yesterday System has reported for the first half of the year of this year. Consolidated gain AFK has grown on 36,1 %, to 5,9 mlrd dollars, OIBDA has increased by 34,6 %, to 2,2 mlrd, and the net profit has practically trebled, having reached 877,1 million dollars

The Greatest incomes AFK were brought by telecommunication daughters - MTS and Comstar - OTS . On them 74,2 % of consolidated gain AFK were necessary. These are slightly less than 76 %, which these daughters distances to System in the first half of the year of last year, but their net profit has grown on 83,3 %. On MTS on - former the overwhelming part of a gain from telecommunications is necessary, its growth has made 85,4 % of growth of all telecommunication business Systems . Underlining the importance of telecommunications, the president Systems Alexander Goncharuk has declared that MTS exchange on any actives is absolutely excluded .

it is far not so well there are affairs at others daughters - Sitroniksa and Systems - the Tack each of which has finished the first half of the year with losses. Negative OIBDA Sitroniksa has reached 38,6 million against positive value in 80,6 million dollars In the first half of the year 2006. system - the Tack has shown minus indicator OIBDA in 91 million dollars against positive size in 44,4 million dollars for the first half of the year 2006. The matter is that the company poizderzhalas on bonuses - councillors of directors and management have obtained reward in the form of actions Systems - the Tack on 98 million dollars

In future AFK intend to develop the telecommunication actives seriously. By words g - on Goncharuka, 1 mlrd the dollars are planned to enclose in development of Indian cellular operator Shyam Telelink. 10 % of actions of this company have been bought System in September of this year. The given operator works only in one staff - Radzhastan, but AFK hopes to expand a cover zone of its network and on other states. For this purpose 500 million dollars can be spent for purchase of licences and frequencies, and 500 million dollars more will go on building of an infrastructure of a communication network. system Does not exclude that for full financing of such scale project she should borrow money in the open financial market.

besides India corporations are interesting also actives in Europe. According to the first vice-president Systems Anton Abugova, the holding is ready not only to buy the European actives, but also to participate in competitions on reception of new licences. in Europe now constantly there are new possibilities: it, for example, crushing of large operators and sale of a part of their actives or auctions on sale of new licences, - has explained g and #8209; n Abugov daily. - Now, for example, there are frequency auctions to France, also we attentively look at almost all European markets. On many of them, despite the rigid competition, the new player can count on a share of the market about 15 % . So the main point for AFK consists in that, how many the corporation is ready to spend for an exit on the European market. Financial indicators AFK System for I half-year 2007

January - June, 2007 (neaudirovano) January - June, 2006 (neaudirovano) Change for a year, %
the Consolidated gain, million dollars 5905,9 4340,1 36
OIBDA, million dollars 2179,4 1619,4 35
Operational profit, million dollars 1427,9 1007,1 42
Net profit, million dollars 877,1 310,1 183
Base and razvodnennaja profit on the action, dollars 93,7 32,2 191
Actives, million dollars 22 464,2 17 292,7 30
the Source: AFK System