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System it will result Apple to Russia

wants to trade in production of the American company

AFK System has told about plans on development of own retail network on the basis of the company the HARDWARE - the Retail . The corporation in the foreseeable future intends to open pilot shop in Moscow suburbs. According to representatives Systems in new shops, probably, production Apple will be on sale - AFK now carries on negotiations for cooperation with the London office Apple. Investments into the new project will make at the first stage of 12 million dollars

AFK System intend to develop a network of retail shops on the basis of the company the HARDWARE - the Retail 80 points of sales operating now under MTS brand. As the first vice-president AFK " has told; System Anton Abugov, the corporation has ordered the concept of shops of the consulting company working over design monobrendovyh of shops Apple in the USA and Europe. By words g - to Abugova, the project it will not be similar on one of networks of salons of cellular communication existing now are there will be shops the area a minimum of 60 sq. m trading in a wide range of production - from cellular telephones and contracts of MTS to the tourist permits, most of all similar under the concept on monobrendovye shops Apple.

Besides, according to Anton Abugova, System now carries on negotiations with the London office Apple for sale of production of the American company in shops the HARDWARE - the Retail . The brand of the new retail project while is discussed. The first shop of a new format will be opened in the foreseeable future in one of cities situated near Moscow. Investments into the new project will make at the first stage of 12 million dollars G - n Abugov has not excluded that AFK can buy someone from Russian ritejlerov, but has underlined that completely approaching under the new concept Systems networks in the market are not present. are Most similar that we want to make, shops Coherent 3 - it has explained.

at the moment Apple does not trade directly in Russia. Now in the country company Apple IMC Russia which is a part of holding DPI is engaged in distribution of production Apple. The Most part of actions DPI belongs to private persons and a top - to company management, including the head of holding Evgenie Butman. Apple - the open company, also is opened for negotiations with all players of the Russian market, and can offer a considerable quantity of various retail formats, - has declared daily g - n Butman. - we with the big respect concern to AFK System but at present all sales of production Apple go to Russia with participation Apple IMC Russia . In AFK in turn say that did not communicate with Apple IMC Russia, and discuss possible cooperation directly with office Apple in London, answering including for Russia.

the co-owner Euronetworks Evgenie Chichvarkin repeatedly tried to achieve to work with Apple directly. President AFK System Alexander Goncharuk has told that met with g - nom Chichvarkinym. However in conversation with the correspondent daily Evgenie Chichvarkin has explained that it was secular conversation and negotiations about joint business - projects between AFK and the Euronetwork it is not conducted. I two times wrote letters to Steve Jobs (head Apple. - daily) and any answer from it has not received, - has declared g - n Chichvarkin. - On the other hand, for Apple there is no special sense to enter the Russian market as a considerable part of profit of the company generates zakachka music through service iTunes, and in Russia while too opaque situation with copyrights to musical files that iTunes could enter this market . Concerning plans Systems Evgenie Chichvarkin has told that wishes their of good luck .