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ZenithOptimedia predicts growth

the Internet and outdoor advertising

Media agency ZenithOptimedia (ZO), entering into the international advertising holding Publicis Group, has published the next forecast of development of the advertising market. The agency is optimistical in an estimation of the Russian market external and online - the advertising which volume in two years should make 54 mlrd and 11 mlrd rbl. accordingly.

according to ZenithOptimedia, the volume of the Russian advertising market in 2007 should make 222 mlrd rbl., in 2008 - 277,7 mlrd rbl. and 340 mlrd rbl. in 2009. The agency is based in the forecasts on the data of Association of communication agencies of Russia (AKAR), own expert estimations and estimations of participants of the market. According to the forecast of the largest seller of television advertising of a group of companies Video of Interneshnl (VI), the volume of the advertising market this year will make 220 mlrd rbl., in 2008 - 269 mlrd rbl. and 321 mlrd rbl. In 2009. Estimation ZenithOptimedia of segments a body - radio advertisings and advertising in a press practically coincides with data VI, and here in an estimation of development of the market external and online - advertising ZO it is more optimistical. The volume of the market of outdoor advertising, by agency calculations, in 2007 should make 38,8 mlrd rbl. (37,4 mlrd rbl., according to VI), in 2008 - m - 46,2 mlrd rbl. (42,5 mlrd rbl.), and in 2009 - m already 54 mlrd rbl. (47, 5 mlrd rbl.) . The market the Internet - advertising, according to ZO, this year will make nearby 4 mlrd rbl., in 2008 - the m will grow to 7 mlrd rbl., and in 2009 Estimation VI more modestly - 8,6 mlrd rbl. by 2009 will make already 11 mlrd rbl.

the head of department of researches of Russian office ZenithOptimedia Lejla of Davidov says that rates of increase of the market of outdoor advertising will be slowed down, but not so considerably as predicts VI: Now the authorities speak about increase of cost of rent of the areas for outdoor advertising. If the decision is accepted, advertisers are waited by a rise in prices for placing. However it such category, as, for example, cellular communication for which the outdoor advertising is one of key media for advancement of new products and services " slightly will mention;. Growth of interest of advertisers to the Internet g - zha explains Davidov increase in volume of audience, and also new possibilities, such, for example, as On - line TV, YouTube, LiveJournal and etc. Which will develop in the near future promptly.

the director for marketing researches of the analytical centre Video of Interneshnl Sergey Veselov considers forecasts ZO too optimistical. He explains decrease in rates of increase of outdoor advertising possibility of serious administrative influence on this segment: Outdoor advertising will reduce seriously enough. Such processes occur not only in Russia, but also in Latin America and Europe. Therefore at a segment all over the world the lowest rates of increase among all media . It reminds of intention of head News Corp. Ruperta Merdoka to sell a share in the largest operator of outdoor advertising News Outdoor: Possibly, he sees a problem of an additional administrative resource . It is objected by the general director ESPAR - the Analyst Andrey Berezkin who considers as more realistic forecast ZO: At VI there is an expressed tendency to consider that the outdoor advertising share in Russia will be steadily reduced, becomes more low, than in Switzerland, and will come nearer to France. But specificity of our market - is a lot of empty seat for reklamonositelej, the density of transport streams, mobility of the population - specifies that the outdoor advertising plays at us more significant role, than the majority of the markets .

Sergey Veselov notices that data ZO shows too fast rates of increase the Internet - the market: All count on mobile marketing, information digital transmission. But the corresponding content which lacks " is for this purpose necessary;. And the general director of agency Vizeum Michael Voshchinsky reminds that next year the second wave of restrictions of the law " comes into force; About advertising which will limit television advertising volume. Most likely advertisers depending on possibilities and a category or will concentrate the advertising activity round television, or, on the contrary, will try to find alternative to national TV. Search of such variants of replacement in many respects will concern also the Internet which is one of the most dynamically developing and interesting media .