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Transneft has forgiven Chineses

It genpodrjadchik has renewed their contract on building VSTO

the Chinese workers will continue to build the strategic Russian pipeline. As the vice-president " has told daily; Transneft Sergey Grigoriev, genpodrjadchik pipeline monopoly Krasnodarstrojtransgaz has renewed the contract broken off unilaterally on September, 10th with the subcontractor the Chinese company China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPP). As the reason timely full elimination by Chineses of taking place infringements has served during work.

we will remind that Chinese CPP under the initiative Transneft have got to take part in building of site VSTO by extent of 170 km between Tynda and Aldan this summer. eks - head Transneft Simeon Weinstock noticed earlier that The Russian contractors cannot sustain a press of the low prices for work and simply leave . The Chinese builders should finish all works till October, 25th of current year, but, under the information genpodrjadchika, they have threatened building termination dates. Still on September, 21st Krasnodarstrojtransgaz officially notified that looks for the new subcontractor. Till October, 2nd of this year employees CPP were recommended to leave territory of Southern Yakutia.

however as a result of negotiations of the parties the situation has changed. According to Sergey Grigoriev, in " address; Transneft the letter from " one of these days has come; Krasnodarstrojtransgaza containing the request to affiliated structure Transneft TSUP VSTO about a response of written instructions about the carrying out termination building - installation works by subcontractor CPP on a site Aldan - Tynda. Alexander Safonenkov, the general director Krasnodarstrojtransgaza in this letter informs that the Chinese subcontractor has eliminated in established by the customer of works 20 - dnevnyj term of infringement of work which were the basis for contract rupture.

first of all as Sergey Grigoriev marks, infringements concerned unsatisfactory arrangement of inhabited small towns of builders, absence of working visas for all Chinese employees CPP necessary for work of licences, and also the registration documentation of Rostehnadzora. Besides, there were problems with delivery of some materials for work, and also with personnel training. According to the representative Transneft general director CPP has in writing informed Krasnodarstrojtransgaz and Transneft about full elimination of these infringements.

thus, the bases for contract rupture are unilaterally settled, it explains, specifying that yesterday TSUP VSTO has given necessary permissions and the Chinese builders have renewed pipe building. However in the decision Krasnodarstrojtransgaza the reservation contains that genpodrjadchik reserves the right to itself unilateral rupture of the contract with the Chinese party in case of presence of similar rough infringements, failure of terms of works or their inadequate quality.

at the Moscow office Krasnodarstrojtransgaza have confirmed the information on removal of disagreements with the subcontractor, but the further comments have refused, having referred that it is necessary to address for them to the customer of works - in Transneft . With representatives CPP from - for differences in time yesterday it was not possible to communicate.

the Chairman of the board Russian - the Chinese centre trading - economic cooperation Sergey Sanakoev believes that skilled in realisation of pipeline projects in world CPP in a condition further to sustain a lath of high requirements Transneft And to finish works. In its opinion, taking place problems are a consequence of bureaucratic difficulties for subcontractors, and also result of disagreements in management methods and system of standard rules of building in Russia and China.