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Billions to Great Britain

are ready to enclose concerns from continent

German power giants RWE and E. ON plan to spend the next years billions euro for reconstruction of the power stations in Great Britain. The purpose of these investments - not only modernisation of objects, but also reduction of emissions of carbonic gas. The total sum of German investments will make more than 5 mlrd euro. Both companies also have declared intention to construct new power stations, but the necessary political decision for the present is not accepted.

the British power branch is considered one of most liberalizirovannyh in the world. In electrical supply and gas supply sphere six companies, from them four - foreign correct ball. Foreign leaders of the British market concern RWE and E. ON, and also French EDF and Spanish Iberdrola, bought last year Scottish Power. Local leading power concerns - Centrica and Scottish and Southern Energy - are attractive objects of absorption for other foreign companies.

the government of Great Britain has presented a new course of a power policy which assumes creation of favorable conditions for milliard investments into power stations, and also reduction of emissions of carbonic gas in May. By an estimation energetikov, by 2020 for building of new power stations should be spent nearby 29 mlrd euro. Besides, it is necessary to replace about third of power stations existing in the country. The first stage of modernisation for which the next five years it will be spent nearby 10 mlrd euro, consists basically that power stations on coal fuel will be replaced with modern effective gas power stations. It is provided also by investment programs of both German power concerns.

RWE declared two large-scale projects. He intends to begin in 2008 building in Pembroke (the Western Wales) modern gas power station capacity 2,2 GVt. It is the project will manage to concern in 800 million pounds sterling. The gas power station in Stejtorpe nearby to Nottingham by capacity 1,65 GVt for which building it will be spent 600 million pounds sterling will be a year before started up. Besides, RWE modernises gas power station in Didkote, and also finances building of wind power stations for the sum of some hundreds millions pounds sterling.

Andrew Daff, head RWE npower, has declared recently closing by 2015 of coal power stations in Didkote and Tilberi that will allow the company to reduce emissions 2 to third in comparison with 2000. Besides, RWE reflects on expediency of building of two new coal power stations the general capacity 4 GVt. They will make on 22 % less than carbonic gas, than similar power stations existing now. Expenses on their building will make nearby 3 mlrd pounds sterling.

E. ON now builds gas power station capacity almost 1,3 GVt in a mouth of Thames. In concern plans one more similar power station capacity 1,2 GVt, and also two modern power stations on coal fuel the general capacity more than 2 GVt. According to the representative of concern, E. ON invests within five years nearby 1 mlrd pounds sterling in renewed energy sources and realises two projects for the sum 2 mlrd pounds sterling.

but the main project of concern building of wind power station London Array by capacity 1 GVt which will be located on a place of a confluence of Thames to the North Sea is. All necessary permissions for the project are already received, and in 2009 building of wind-driven generators will begin. Along with this project E. ON works over creation of the several wind power stations, capable to develop hundred megawatt. Now passes test of power station by capacity 44 MVt, working on a biomass. In comparison with Germany in Great Britain few wind generators. And it despite existence of necessary places for their placing.

Dirk Hajlmann