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Daimler has deleted unnecessary

German autoconcern completely German motor-car manufacturer Daimler has got rid of Chrysler

Yesterday - Chrysler AG has stopped the existence: after sale of 80,1 % of actions of Chrysler to the American investment group Cerberus Capital Management LP the company name at extraordinary meeting of shareholders has lost an unnecessary half. The head of autoconcern Diter Tsetshe has convinced owners to name company Daimler AG and accurately to separate this corporate brand from other brands of the company. Simultaneously he has declared record growth of sales of a leader of German motor-car manufacturer Mercedes Car Group which also has been renamed into Mercedes-Benz Cars.

DaimlerChrysler has said goodbye to the unsuccessful American division in the beginning of August, 2007. The sum of transaction has made 5,5 mlrd euro (7,4 mlrd dollars) . According to Ditera Tsetshe, instability of the North American market became the main reason of sale of Chrysler for private investment fund Cerberus. After sale facilitated DaimlerChrysler began to depend on it in ready smaller degree that should is in the long term considerable increase company incomes. Six thousand shareholders of Diter Tsetshe has told yesterday that now the German motorcar giant can concentrate completely on creation and sale high-quality automobile and lorries, that the company can do is better .

As a fat point in the transaction there should be a change of already irrelevant name DaimlerChrysler. In the speech of Diter Tsetshe insisted on primitive reduction: he assured shareholders what today enough to leave only Daimler AG, simply having rejected Chrysler. Thus he has underlined that has attentively listened to those who would like to replace Chrysler on historically recognised Benz. Inhabitants of Mannheim, Charles Benz`s native city, and many other places asked us: Why to us again not to take name Daimler - Benz? - has told to shareholders of Diter Tsetshe. - But stability of our brands is one of our most valuable actives. And one of our main tasks consists in keeping and raising this stability . Returning old Benz in the name of the oldest motor-car manufacturer, according to a part of shareholders, would become something like indemnification to employees of the company for years of presence of alien Chrysler together with which wreck of hopes and instability associate.

according to expert Global Insight Kolin Kouchmana, the majority of shareholders have voted for name Daimler AG, because have not wanted to take a step back, after all the company was called so earlier . Many in the autoindustry prefer to look far-sighted, therefore there should be something new that would sound perspektivnee .

Simultaneously with rebrending DaimlerChrysler the basic division of company Mercedes Car Group (and since yesterday Mercedes-Benz Cars) which Mercedes-Benz marks concern, Maybach and Smart, has informed on record sales in September and for first nine months of current year. For September it has sold 124,6 thousand cars that on 7 % more than for September, 2006. On such growth have made appreciable impact of sale babes Smart, increased by 11 %. Thus the main mark of concern - Mercedes-Benz - also has reached record indicators - plus of 7 %. In total for three quarters of sale have grown approximately on 1 %, and with special success of the car were on sale in the USA - a gain of 13 %. Experts are assured that such growth became possible thanking all to the same sale of Chrysler and liberation of industrial and marketing efforts of German concern. the company should work over it not less than three years, and now we see result - the expert of branch analytical agency CSM Worldwide Mark Fultorp has told daily. Sales Mercedes Car Group

Group/ Mark/ Region Sales in September, 2007, thousand pieces Sales in September, 2006, thousand pieces Change, % Sales for 9 months 2007, thousand pieces Sales for 9 months 2006, thousand Pieces
Mercedes Car Group 124,6 116 7,4 942,3 934,2
Mercedes-Benz 114,1 106,5 7,1 872,7 846,3
Smart 10,5 9,5 11,2 69,6 87,9
the Western Europe 78,2 75 4,2 575,8 587,5
the North America 24,4 21,9 11,7 198,7 194,5
Asian - Pacific region 114,4 19,4 7,4 102,8 99
the Source: Daimler AG