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Fascists of the Stone Age

archeologists have found certificates of the mass slaughter arranged 5800 years ago

the Genocide is not the XX-th century invention - its sad facts took place and in the ancient time. This sad conclusion archeologists of University of John Hopkins in Baltimore have made, Syria which has found out on border and Lebanon a burial place of the young men killed, apparently, 5800 years ago during the conflict between inhabitants of one settlement. Meanwhile researchers managed to take bones of 60 persons, but total buried, probably, makes some hundreds.

at first the archeologists who have dug out a hill of Tell - Marriage where the burial place was revealed, thought that deal with scale human sacrifice. However the randomness rezanyh and the chipped damages which traces are traced on bones of skeletons, allows to tell with confidence: All these people were lost as a result of slaughter, possibly, in advance planned and proisshedshej within one day. It is not known that has served as the conflict reason - from so remote epoch does not remain written sources. Unlike traditional procedure of burial skeletons have not been buried separately from each other and in certain position - them have simply fallen down in the general hole. It necessarily forces to remember concentration camps of fascist Germany.

Tell - Marriage is one of the most ancient cities in a human history: on the sizes it was much larger than usual villages. As scientists consider, the city has resulted from association of six small settlements, each of which has turned in a quarter. Each of them occupied the space in 2-5 hectares. Archeologists have assumed that the confrontation, apparently, has occurred between inhabitants of different quarters. There is also other version - local residents have destroyed tried to settle in a city without their permission an alien tribe. Anyway, scales of the slaughter which was taking place in childhood of the world, throw in a cold shiver.

it seems to me, last century accents in representations about stories of military conflicts were a little displaced, - the ethnologist the Lion Korzhevsky has told to our edition. - the Genocide is not something which have been thought up in the XX-th century: the history of the ancient states knew variety of cases of a genocide, on the scale and krovavosti not only not conceding, but also surpassing the similar phenomena of the newest time. Even representation that the weapons of mass destruction have been invented in the XX-th century, is not corresponding to true. I will give an example: in the winter of 689-688 years BC cruel Assyrian tsar Sinahherib has completely erased from the person of the earth Babylon, earlier considered as an unapproachable city. It has been made so: skilled engineers of the conqueror have transferred a channel of the river Euphrates by means of difficult hydraulic engineering constructions. The water which has rushed in a new channel, has completely flooded a city therefore were lost ten thousand persons. In comparison in scale of this event and volume of the engineering works which were necessary for realisation of an awful plan, any attack by the yperite steams, applied by Germen in World War I, seems children`s toys . However, despite all cruelty of customs of that time, public opinion has reacted to villainy of Sinahheriba quite adequately: even its own subject steels to perceive it as the bloody tyrant. Right after death of the tsar its successor Asarhaddon (681-669) has hastened to keep separate from this crime, having built up Babylon anew and in every possible way showing favour to its new inhabitants.

the genocide spent by conquerors, influenced destiny of the whole people, - ethnologist Egor Bajnov speaks. - For example as have shown the genetic researches finished in last year, to utter annihilation has undergone in V-VII centuries n. e. Indigenous population of England - britty. The tribes which have grasped island anglov, saxophones and jutov, it appears, at all did not assimilate these Celtic people, and have simply moved in original reservations where gradually were engaged in its utter annihilation. It is very strange fact - the barbarous people of the early Middle Ages did not differ such intolerance, even to captured and to slaves the German barbarians, as a rule, concerned humanely, - and about the reasons by which conquerors were guided, it is possible to guess only. Nevertheless, researches have shown that in a genofund of modern Englishmen very few the Celtic traces, and that is, are connected with vallijskimi, the Scottish or Irish ancestors, and at all with brittami .

Feature of mass destruction of inhabitants of the won cities and the countries consisted in the ancient world that is the extremely rare the genocide reasons interreligious conflicts served, - speaks g - n Korzhevsky. - Unlike our contemporaries for the majority of the ancient people the tolerance in belief questions is characteristic. Has put here, I think, was that between different pagan religions there was no such sharp side, as between modern faiths. As gods at the pagan people was much nobody considered reprehensible to trust in even any strangers. Separate gods could even be borrowed from a pantheon of other people: so, Dionis, Apollo and Aphrodite have a Near-Eastern origin. In such situation interethnic conflicts were much more sharply - a difference of language, customs and etc. acted on the foreground. The reason especially mercantile - for the sake of finding of the power over that or other region commanders were even stronger, as a rule, did not disdain any removers of cities and their population, the question was only in, how much this or that way is realizable from the technical point of view .