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The reputation

for conducting successful work

the Russian companies is necessary to business are dissatisfied that in the West them continue to meet is too guarded. Meanwhile more and more the companies intend to spend IPO both on Russian, and on foreign platforms. For achievement of the business purposes they are compelled to reflect on reputation: to do the companies by more transparent, to show social responsibility of the business. These questions were discussed last week at a forum Business reputation: responsibility, a transparency, stability .

Value of reputation as factor of success of business is still underestimated by many Russian companies. All of them still are afraid to follow a policy of an openness. Meanwhile capitalisation of the companies in many respects depends on reputation. The openness, unfortunately, can lead to competitiveness loss on a short distance, but in long-term prospect it strengthens reputation and, as consequence, financially strengthens the company - has noticed the vice-president of committee of the Federation Council on economic policy, business and the property Andrey Hazin.

In Russia on - former the stereotype that socially responsible business - what has no profit remains. if all you give - means, good if something has earned - means, a shark - a predator - the chairman of board of directors " complains; Vimm - the Bill - Dann David Jakobashvili. In the West, on the contrary, the reputation is earned by the successful companies in business. Four years ago RSPP even has decided to agree that all - taki means socially - responsible business for which conducting the president called businessmen. The major principle of such policy had been recognised economic and financial stability, instead of charity as it is considered to be in a society. After all the success of the company as a result pours out in growth of employment, social and economic well-being of the country as a whole.

at a forum it was underlined that leaders of the Russian business do not neglect conducting the social reporting. after all if the proper attention, loyalty of a society to the company so, and to its production considerably increases is given to corporate social responsibility and the reporting. - the senior vice-president FK " speaks; Uralsib Alexander Pershikov. - Leading rating agencies enter into the set of services ratings of social responsibility . In its opinion, health and ecology will be mainstreams of development of social responsibility in Russia work with youth. For example, a number of the companies already supports to development of youth sports, participates in programs of increase of financial literacy among youth. the state has paid attention to the parent capital, pensioners, - speaks g - n Pershikov. - the turn Now has reached youth .