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Salary by order of

officials situated near Moscow appoint salaries

the Authorities of Moscow Region have demanded­, that the monthly average salary of workers of off-budget sphere in 2007 made not less than 21 thousand rbl. to Those employers who will not finish a wage level of the employees to the specified size, it is necessary to report about growth of the monthly average salary in 2007 at least on 24 % in comparison with indicators of 2006. Such letter addressed to the concrete company by administration ­ of Krasnogorsky municipal area, has appeared on hand daily. Lawyers predict to not obeyed businessmen not only a call on the salary commissions, but also the penalty at a rate of 3-5 thousand rbl., and also informal influence - any obstinate firm is possible “ zaproverjat to death “.

the Requirement of officials to raise monthly average salaries in ­ commercial structures situated near Moscow ­ to 21 thousand rbl. has mass character: In the reference text empty lines only for the enterprise and date name when the firm management is obliged to report about requirement performance are left. It becomes, as appears from the document text, is exclusive from care of growth of well-being of the population. To those employers whom not under force to raise the salary till the specified size, it is necessary to increase it at least by 24 % from level of 2006 when monthly average incomes of employees situated near Moscow businessmen have made 15,4 thousand rbl. Also are obliged to present to administration of area the schedule of terms of the further increase of payments to workers. “ on the basis of the received data the list of the next passage by the organisation of procedure of the reporting in the regional commission on payment of the salary and inspection of the organisations " will be formed; - it is told in the message.

such requirement of the authorities became possible on the basis of the law “ About social partnership in Moscow Region “ According to which administrations of areas, trade unions and associations of employers signed agreements on increase of salaries. In a Krasnogorsk area such agreement has been signed in January, 2006. It just also contains obligations on finishing of salaries to sredneotraslevogo level or on their growth not less than on 24 %. “ Voluntary heads of the companies never will sign such agreement, but the matter is that all employers of region are considered joined this agreement if within 30 calendar days they do not present motivirovannyj refusal, - the leading legal adviser of the company " has explained; the Tax help “ Alexey Maslov. - those who has not refused, automatically are considered joined “. The majority ­ of the companies also do not suspect that they by default are participants of salary agreements. Especially in the law does not register, where exactly such agreement can be published, so its company can on own will and not find.

to the enterprises for which the letter from administration became an unpleasant surprise, the chief of department of legal consultation AKG “ ARNI Polaris International “ Sergey Yevseyev recommends to make motivirovannyj refusal to raise the salary to 21 thousand rbl., referring to the federal legislation: for example, on the law on commercial activity, position on the minimum wage rate and the minimum living level. “ these requirements of municipality are illegal “ - speaks g - n Yevseyev. However, if the regional authorities show adherence to principles, and the organisation will trifle with their requirement, it can be fined on 3-5 thousand rbl., Alexey Maslov warns. Besides, in administration can be found out and informal ways of influence: the company it is possible “ zaproverjat to death “ Structures SES, fire protection or, for example, to refuse rent of premises.