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On billion for a quarter

foreign investments were slowed down

In the first half of the year 2007 volume of the foreign investments which have arrived in not financial sector of economy of Petersburg, has increased in 1,3 times, having exceeded 2 mlrd dollars Despite increase in absolute indicators, rates of a gain of foreign investments lag behind results of last year and look worse against the all-Russian statistics.

according to Committee on economic development, the industrial policy and trade (KERPPiT) cities, from total amount of the investments involved in January-June, straight lines (PII) have made 18,5 % (380,7 million dollars, growth in 1,5 times), portfelnye - 492,2 million (23,9 %, growth in 15,8 times), other - 1,18 mlrd dollars Among last group more than 40 % were necessary on the trading credits which volume has increased by 35 %. In structure of foreign investments by kinds of economic activities of 79,5 % of foreign investments has arrived in processing manufactures.

“ Growth of volume of foreign investments basically is expected. In 2007 Petersburg keeps a tendency on increase in this indicator, - general director NKG " makes comments; 2Κ Audit - Business consultations “ Tamara Kasyanov. - in 2005 inflow of foreign investments to a city economy has made hardly less than 1 mlrd dollars, following the results of 2006 this indicator has come nearer to 3 mlrd dollars Forecasts for this year also are rather optimistical and, apparently, are not groundless “.

“ Growth of volumes of foreign investments is connected with increase in incomes of the population of Petersburg, and also with occurrence in the city legislation of articles giving tax privileges for investors, - Ivan Zavadsky, analyst IK " believes; the Power capital “.

Nevertheless in comparison with the all-Russian statistics dynamics of a gain of investments in Petersburg looks a bit worse. In the first half of the year the volume of foreign investments into the Russian economy has grown on 39,5 % in comparison with the corresponding period of 2006. “ considering that St.-Petersburg yet is not industrial capital, such difference is quite comprehensible “ - Tamara Kasyanov calms.

growth of direct investments in KERPPiT is explained the beginning of building of automobile factories of Toyota, by General Motors, Nissan, and also erection of a multipurpose complex “ the Baltic pearl “. “ If earlier foreign investors put in trading sector to that occurrence of such trading complexes, as IKEA and Metro Cash and Ρarry now bolshy they show interest to building of factories on assemblage of cars " became an example more; - Ivan Zavadsky agrees. “ attraction in a city of large auto makers yields the results. Also interests investors and real estate sector “ - Tamara Kasyanov adds.

Meanwhile in comparison with last year rates of a gain of volumes of foreign investments it was a little reduced. If in the first half of the year of last year PII have grown in 2,1 times, this year only in 1,5. Heads of the economic block of the city government, summing up 2006, recognised that high rates of a gain cannot will remain long.