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the Organizer of the auctions of Open Company Consulting Firm Technologies of anti-recessionary management informs that the first open auctions on property sale IP Alimov D. V , appointed on 30. 09. 11 at 11:00, on the conditions published in the newspaper 154 from 20. 08. 11 (the message 34030015406 ) and on a site www. fedresurs. ru (messages 017849 from 18. 08. 2011 and 013985 from 10. 08. 2011) Are recognised by not taken place partially. The winner of the auctions on Lota 2 - the Uninhabited building, a total area of 3 325,8 sq. m, the address: the Saratov region, Balakovo, the prospectus of Heroes, d. 36, located on the ground area a total area of 3 401 sq. m (a category of the earths: the earths of the settlements, resolved use: for housing construction, cadastral number: 64:40:02 02 07:0004), it is recognised by Joint-Stock Company IKS 5 Real estate St.-Petersburg, street Warsaw, d. 25, the case 2, Letters And. At the winner of the auctions interest in relation to the debtor, creditors and the competitive managing director is absent, in the capital of the winner of the auctions the competitive managing director and SRO which member is the competitive managing director, do not participate. On Lota 1 the auctions are recognised by not taken place in view of absence of demands for participations in the auctions. In this connection, the organizer of the auctions informs on carrying out of the repeated open auctions in the form of auction on sale of property of the debtor which initial price is lowered on 10 %. The repeated auctions will take place on November, 21st, 2011 at 11 o`clock. 00 minutes the Initial price Lota 1 will make 12 168 000 rbl., in t. ch. The VAT. The auction step - 608 400 rbl. the Deposit - 2 433 600 rbl. Demands acceptance for participation in auction and acquaintance with a subject of the auctions and the documentation on property is carried out in the working days with 10. 10. 11 on 14. 11. 11 from 09 o`clock till 17 o`clock the Moscow time. The address for acquaintance: Saratov, street Barnaul, 34, Open Company KF THERE after the preliminary coordination of date and acquaintance time on bodies.: (8452 45 - 40 - 91 (87). Other conditions and a tendering order are specified in the newspaper 154 from 20. 08. 11 (the message 34030015406) and on a site www. fedresurs. ru (the message 013985 from 10. 08. 2011) .