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In Russia the book " is published; My friend Edit Piaf

Zhinett Risher was the girl-friend of one of musicians of great Edit Piaf but when she has got acquainted with the singer, Piaf has taken the main place in her life. It was with it of 15 years, worked as the personal hairdresser, the costumier, the secretary, witnessed its bright novels and its true assistant. Recently Zhinett has written the book of memoirs about French vorobyshke . Now this book My friend Edit Piaf left and in Russia, in publishing house Ripol the classic .

Zhinett was from Paris, maybe, it and has defined its destiny. Being the companion of one of musicians the Partner de lja a chanson during tours she suffered, locked in a room of the hotel the jealous friend. And when Piaf has come to it with intention to send home, revolted with how the jealous musician on a scene became bad, and assured that fault to all its love passion, the captive has exclaimed: Thank God, now I will return to Paris . This word as if became the password - Piaf has reflected and has suggested the girl to become its make-up artist. So their friendship which lasted 15 years has begun. In this time Zhinett married and gave birth to children, but remained Piaf betrayed only. They had general friends, the general house, the general secrets, and Zhinu never got wages. And still it never communicated with journalists and after death of the girlfriend has faded into the background, but here suddenly has again arisen as if from a non-existence.

In these 15 years and almost 300 pages of the text have held also the first minutes of their acquaintance, and novels of Edit with Ivom Montanom or John Garfildom, and, certainly, the main love of the singer - the boxer Marseilles Serdan who was lost in accident on peak of their novel, and hobby of Piaf for spiritism after his death. And still - secular receptions all over the world, in which Zhinu always accompanied the partner, and friendly parties on which there were their quarrels only selected, at last, with Piaf and an explanation of so long silence.

the book disputable - about it it is told even in the preface to the Russian edition. In the sense that not all biographers and even friends of the singer recognise that role which she to herself takes away for Zhinett Risher, some in general as if have deleted it from history of Edit Piaf. Its book shouts too busily literally: I was not its servants, I was it is uniform - stvennoj the present girlfriend . But, eventually, the preface to its creation was written not by somebody, and the Charles Aznavur who has named the author the accompanist of life Piaf, and its memoirs - one more aspect of life of our Edit . It is not necessary to search here any loud stories unknown to the world. It is the most thin nuances of these stories, a declaration of love and to Piaf, and to its world in which Aznavur, Jean Cocteau, Marlene Dietrich, the story about unusual and sacrificial female friendship lived more likely.