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Competitors for Bjoerndalen

Starts a World Cup stage on biathlon in Italian Anterselve

Biathlon becomes among the Russian fans of sports more and more popular. Not last role in this process successes of domestic sportsmen on the Olympic Games, the World championships and Cup stages have played. The season culmination - a world championship in Korean Phenchhane comes nearer, and fans draw near TV screens even more close to understand, our biathlonists are how much well ready to it.

the next stage of a World Cup on January, 22nd signs Italian Anterselva. It will be the last before the World championship. Then sportsmen will start to get over to the Far East to acclimatise, endure change of time zones and properly to be prepared for the main start of a season. So results which will be shown in mountains Anterselvy, it is quite possible to estimate as approximate before Phenchhanom.

If to judge on the last at present to a stage which has come to the end in German Rupoldinge, the Russian biathlonists can to dream of easy life at all. There was of what we were afraid in the season beginning. Contenders began to type sharply the form, and ours, on the contrary, have got to a physiological hole. At the first stages of a World Cup our girls, especially Ekaterina Jureva and Svetlana Sleptsova successfully acted. In relay race of competitors at our female national team even it was not close. However in Rupoldinge they could not gain any victory. Moreover, in sprint Jureva, Sleptsova have not got at all to prizes. In prosecution race, truth, Ekaterina Jureva could win silver . But it was very appreciable, how she loses a course to the German to Magdalena Nojner whom in the season beginning was not it is visible, is audible. And go-ahead race has shown that the distinct reserve in a female national team is not present. Costed Jurevoj and Sleptsovoj to pass race as Germans have there and then risen on the first place. Fortunately, silver ours to win all - taki could.

man`s relay race in general became a shame for a command. Only the seventh place, and the slightest chance of a podium. Low speed and uncertain shooting almost at all stages. Sprint race in which 10 - e Maxim Chudova`s place became the best result for Russians became relay race continuation. However, in prosecution race Ivan Cherezov has well proved to be, but it has not helped it to get on a podium. As a whole these two sportsmen cause less fears, than their team mate. And here at two other leaders of a national team of business go much worse. Nikolay Kruglov as it seemed, absolutely will forget to run on skis. At quite good shooting it on a distance concedes even serednjakam indecently much. At Dmitry Jaroshenko a problem opposite. Keeping quite good speed, it is extremely astable in shooting. If the situation does not improve, it can quite lose a place in the go-ahead four.

in general, to instructors of our command is over what to work. After all contenders, to put it mildly, do not doze. Great Ole Einar Bjoerndalen has typed the form: in Rupoldinge he has won all three races in which participated. Is not going to hand over liderskie a position and Emil - Hegle Svendsen. At women in Bjoerndalen`s role Nojner which also have won all three races in Rupoldinge, seemingly, is again ready to act. But we count that to the World championship our national team leaves on peak of the form and will adequately battle to the strongest contenders.