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Juan Antonio`s trio

Whims of love in a comedy Viki Christina Barselona

In hire there is Vudi Allen`s picture Viki Christina Barselona won the Gold globe in a nomination the Best comedy/ a musical . The municipality of Barcelona and the government of Catalonia became one of sponsors of a film, having enclosed in it 1 million and 500 thousand euro accordingly. Also have not lost - in world hire Viki Christina Barselona has already collected 81,9 million dollars

Viki Christina Barselona became the fourth film which has been removed by Vudi Allen outside of its favourite New York. Vicks (Rebekka the Hall) and Christina (Skarlett Johansson) come to Barcelona on summer vacations. Vicks it is betrothed and writes scientific work, Christina tries to be forgotten after rupture with the next guy. The medicine for melancholy is in an image of artist Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem). With disarming frankness it approaches to Vicks and Christina at supper and offers the private plane to Oviedo, walks on sights, wine and sex three together. Vicks fastidiously wrinkles a forehead, Christina languidly smiles, but both appear in the plane, and then and in Juan Antonio`s bed, truth, by turns. Originally the Spaniard begins to look after Christina. But she instead of a cot runs with I will sing in a toilet, and Juan Antonio is thrown on Vicks. Gravity Vicks thaws after walk on a city, a supper with wine, acquaintances to the father - the poet and a live concert. And if Juan Antonio with ease changes Vicks for Christina Vicks realises that the romantic Spaniard to it is lovelier, than the American groom with the offer to get married in Barcelona. Her face radiates melancholy during a supper behind which the newly made husband and its friends discuss computers and the prices for east carpets literally.

to Christina communication with Juan Antonio too does not bring happiness. Idyll comes to an end, when the artist drags home the former wife and Maria Elena unfortunate the suicide (Penelopa Krus in whose shade of temperament and a pressure hvalenaja sexuality of Skarlett Johansson simply withers). In the name of Christina, the darling and slightly durakovatoj, Vudi Allen gently propesochivaet all American young ladies considering liberal and sexually liberated exactly until life will not offer them the present extreme. Right at the beginning the artist explains to Christina that in their relations with Maria Elena there was no salt. The poor heroine appears this salt also. The unfortunate American listens to stories of the lover about talents of the former wife, observes, how eks - the spouse rumples to the artist a back, and tries to convince itself that sex three together it is normal. Sex here, by the way, discuss more, than show, and chaste enough kisses of the Spaniard and the American in a dark room about which blew in all advertising become the most dissolute scene of a picture. From an oddish family Vudi Allen solves Christina`s leaving, as always, unexpectedly and witty. Instead of declaring that marriage three together has got it, Christina shy bleats that it would like something another and that - she and itself does not know. With Christina`s leaving the union breaks up. The former spouses really are not capable to live together and run into purely creative dismantlings: who from them is more ingenious and why second half spends the potential in vain.

While the strange trio grjaznet in passions, Vicks wanders across Barcelona, trying to forget Juan Antonio. These moments - the most sad and burdensome, but the director pripletaet to these throwings and the casual acquaintance of the heroine, to whom Vicks opens soul in a greengrocery (both the prices for oranges and a potato for a back background become the unique helpful information in this scene), and its aunt with the novel on the party. However, the aunt becomes binding, though also strongly farfetched link between Juan Antonio and Vicks as reduces them anew. This procurement comes to an end with last explosion of passion after which Vicks and Christina leave Barcelona, and on their persons the grief and detachment of the people who have understood something very for important are read. Behind easy history about two Americans in Barcelona the drama about people who cannot be happy neither together, nor three together, in loneliness disappears: or because do not know, that want, or because know, but have no forces and determination something to change. And from this internal disorder it not to escape anywhere - neither to solar Barcelona, nor from it.