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Warehouses nedostroili

In 2008 third of promised industrial areas

is entered only As well as predicted daily, for the last year developers could not master all planned industrial projects and have constructed only third of the planned 1,5 million in sq. m. Year from a year volume nedovvoda only increases, analysts mark and predict stagnation the next crisis years. Under their forecasts, in 2009-2010 projects with already found financing, whereas " will be finished; paper plans should wait for changes in the financial markets.

according to the consulting companies, in 2008 in Russia it has been constructed an order of 450 thousand in sq. m of the qualitative warehouse areas. It has made about third of originally declared objects, is told in company Colliers International review. For the last few years against growth of total number of the declared warehouse objects the tendency to increase in a share of non-realised projects " was observed; - the head of department of warehouse and industrial real estate Colliers International Vladislav Ryabov marks. It explains that in 2006 developers did not realise only 13 % from the planned warehouse complexes, and in 2007 - already 47 %.

experts explain the Growing volume of not executed obligations both the happened crisis, and traditional problems of the Russian market of real estate. first of all it is connected with errors in planning of building and complexities at registration of the allowing documentation - speaks g - n Ryabov. Potential tenants face problems also: reducing the activity, they do not need any more good logistical complexes. In the fourth quarter of last year the volume of a cargo transportation has considerably decreased, rates of increase of retail and wholesale goods turnover " also decrease; - the director of department of warehouse real estate Knight Frank Vyacheslav Holopov tells. He adds that falling of indicators will proceed and in 2009.

G - n Lackeys specifies and in reduction of expenses of the companies therefore tenants or search for warehouses of the smaller area, or hand over a part of the areas in subrent, or pass in less prestigious objects. demand for bad quality warehouse objects - classes C and D, and also that are on considerable removal from MKAD " has grown; - the expert adds.

by the end of the year began to fall and rent rates. As Vladislav Ryabov has told daily, from the beginning of 2008 rent confidently rose in price - about 125 dollars for 1 sq. m a year it has raised to 145 dollars By December average rates have decreased to 135 dollars for 1 sq. m a year. Besides it developers became more flexible and rates fly lower at the lease contract conclusion - the interlocutor daily marks. the Low activity of potential tenants expected in the beginning year, will lead to the further decrease in rates of rent on the average on 3-5 %, - the director for development of business Praedium Oncor International Ruslan Suvorov predicts. - more essential it will be in a segment of class B as before crisis against a general agiotage many objects of this class have been overestimated . Under forecast Knight Frank, to summer of 2009 of the rate 125-140 dollars

Experts are on the average stabilised at level notice that the next years those projects which already are under construction will be entered only or have the guaranteed financing. By different estimations, till the end of 2009 builders can finish no more than 600 thousand in sq. m of warehouses. for 2009 input of 1,25 million sq. is planned M of the warehouse areas of class A, but, by our estimations, it will be really constructed about 40 % from this quantity, that is about 500 thousand in sq. m - Alexander Zinkovsky from Cushman and Wakefield Stiles and Riabokobylko considers.