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Do not finance the builder

the State Duma urges to help buyers of habitation

Availability of habitation during realisation of the national project has increased all by 1 %, head Minregiona Victor Basargin has told. Under its data, the share of the families having possibility to get habitation, has reached only 18 %. As fault to all the growing cost of square metre which even in crisis 2009 will decrease all on 10 %, consider in Minregione. In turn, the chairman of committee of the State Duma on building and ground relations Martin Shakkum sees rescue of the market of real estate not in crediting of separate builders and the dot help to the market, and in stimulation of demand and support of buyers.

as has told on the past yesterday the governmental hour Victor Basargin, for three years of existence of the national project Accessible habitation - to citizens of Russia the available housing as a whole on the country has increased by 5,5 %, to 3,1 mlrd sq. M, security of the population habitation has grown on 4,9 %, to 21,9 sq. m on the person, and quantity of the families which are standing in a queue on improvement of living conditions, it was reduced to 21 %, from 3,4 million to 2,8 million families. G - n Basargin also has underlined that the annual volume of input of habitation has increased by the whole 40 % - from 43 million to 61 million in sq. m. Thus this year will impair a little indicators: in the country should be constructed all 52 million in sq. m.

Despite positive results, the habitation in Russia is not becomes more accessible: according to Minregiona, only 18 % of families could get apartment whereas prior to the beginning of the national project 17 % of families were capable of it. According to sounded at session of the State Duma to the Audit Chamber data, the average Russian can buy in a year no more than 1,5 sq. m of habitation. it is caused by price increase for 1 sq. m - has explained g - n Basargin. However this year the minister expects reduction in price of apartments on 10-12 % that will be connected with falling of cost of building materials: Their relative density in the habitation cost price makes an order of 50-60 % .

However participants of the market do not consider that the apartments which have lost the tenth part of cost, can become much more accessible: work loss, reduction of mortgage lending and the general negative situation do not stimulate people in economy to bear the remained money for the building market.

Martin Shakkum has specified in radical reduction in demand, which is connected with expectations of consumers on the further reduction of prices on habitation, that is has exclusively psychological character . In its opinion, the state should direct energies to demand support, instead of sellers of habitation: the State should not substitute for itself the market of habitation and should not give wrong signals for builders. Today selective support of the separate building companies " is not necessary;.

The list of the backbone enterprises of Russia which can count on financial support from the state, included six builders of habitation: PEAK, the SOU - 155, LSR, DSK - 1, Glavstroj and Inteko . From them only GK PEAK has received in the end of 2008 the credit in development Bank on 262 million dollars

the participant of the market agree that it is necessary to support buyers, however consider, as builders need the help. both mechanisms should work: both support of the companies, and demand stimulation. Those prices which were established in the market, at all a consequence of greed of developers, - chairman of board of directors Rodex Group Anton Danilov - Danilyan explains. - Here and cost of building materials, and high salaries of experts, and high rates under credits . As he said, support of the companies should consist not in crediting, and in granting of orders on sotszhile.

According to the head of corporation S. Holding Alexey Shepelja, competitions under the repayment a city of municipal habitation should be effective: That one applied for a prize not genpodrjadchik as it occurs now, and two - three . G - n Shepel asserts that thus it will be possible to reduce the price for 26 %. He adds that the state should begin with itself: Demand it is possible to stimulate with decrease twice cost prices of building of municipal habitation. This indicator is a reference point for the commercial market .

10 billion for young

the Government can direct on maintenance of young families with habitation this year in addition 10 mlrd rbl. About such possibility the minister of regional development Victor Basargin has informed yesterday. As a whole the budget will spend for subsidising of habitation of this category of citizens 14,7 mlrd rbl. the Mechanism of acquisition of habitation under the state program the following: To families the age of spouses in which does not exceed 35 years, grants at a rate of 40 % from habitation cost, 10 % - own means of the participant of the program will be given, and the remained 50 % of a family can take in bank, having issued a mortgage loan. Under such scheme can buy apartment of 36 thousand young families. However experts sceptically estimate state support possibilities. Financing volumes are minimum in comparison with quantity needing and in habitation cost, the head of department of legal analytics and marketing of legal company Sameta Alexander Trifonov considers. The turn on reception of habitation for young families, for example, in Moscow, according to department of a housing policy of capital, makes from three till five years.