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Akado Victor Vekselberg searches for the investor

can leave the share in the company

By data daily, Victor Vekselberg can carry on negotiations for sale of the share (51 %), in a group of companies Akado . Shareholders estimate all company in 200-300 million dollars without a debt. By estimates of analysts, fair cost Akado the Basic shareholder " makes about 175 million dollars without debts in 450 million dollars

; Akado Victor Vekselberg carries on negotiations for sale of the package in the company, have told daily a top - managers of three large companies working in the market of services SHPD. As they said, the offer on company purchase arrived in National telekomunikatsii (NTK), Comstar and also a number of the largest banks, including in VTB. However, as they said, while with anybody from buyers it was not possible to agree. According to interlocutors daily, all company as a whole has been estimated by owners in 200-300 million dollars without a debt. at the moment the credit debts of the company about 450 million dollars, to EBIDTA thus make a debt parity 1 to 6. Thus the most part of acquisitions Akado lately are the companies which show low profitability - one of interlocutors daily speaks. As he said, in the company first quarter it is necessary to pay about 50 million dollars, in the second - 100 million dollars According to other interlocutor daily, the company counted on the financial help from a number of private investment funds. However shareholders and did not manage to agree with investors about attraction of means.

at the moment the owner of 49 % of actions Akado the chairman of board of directors of the company Yury Pripachkin is also. Akado - one of strategic investments Renovy . Any negotiations about sale and an exit from this business Renova does not conduct - trustee GK " has informed; Renova Andrey Shtorh. As he said, are conducted only negotiations about the further development of business and possible partnership .

In Akado comments concerning the possible transaction have refused. PR - the director Akado Ekaterina Haustova did not begin to open the information on debts of the company before creditors. the company in a condition to carry out of the obligations to creditors, we have possibilities for refinancing of debts, as for today Akado generates a stable stream of a cash - has noted g - zha Haustova. In the end of September of last year Akado declared credit reception in 100 million dollars from Rajffajzenbanka. Then the company has declared that the investment program Akado It is directed on financing of the further steps on realisation of regional strategy, and also on expansion and modernisation of cable networks in presence regions. In December it became known that Akado has suspended regional expansion.

the president Comstar Sergey Pridantsev has refused to make comments on the information on the offer g - on Vekselberg. A source close to to Comstar has confirmed that the offer on purchase arrived. In a press - service NTK and VTB has refused comments.

analyst IK Veles the Capital Ilya Fedotov says that the sum of 200-300 million is a little overestimated estimation Akado . According to an analyst, a fair estimation of the company - 175 million without a debt. however to Comstar such acquisition would help to take in the lead positions in the Moscow market and it is essential to increase the user`s base - considers g - n Fedotov.