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Victory at a loss

competitors Halliburton accuse the company of a dumping

the Economic crisis has compelled contractors of the oil companies dempingovat to keep the share in the market. After the small Russian companies which went for temporary job at a loss for the sake of own survival, on reduction of price of the services from 10 to 30 % there are international service giants. One of them, company Halliburton, in December became the winner of the tender of a daughter oil Gazprom Gazprom oil - Nojabrskneftegaz on rendering of services in hydrorupture of a layer in cost over 250 million rbl., having offered the price for 10 % below starting and approximately on a quarter below the usual price. Competitors accuse the company of a dumping, however to court do not hasten to submit yet.

as the manager of affiliated structure " has told daily; oil Gazprom the companies Gazprom oil - Nojabrskneftegaz Since December of last year following the results of revision of the investment program of the company towards decrease it has started to optimise the expenses on service services. According to the interlocutor, its contractors, wishing to keep the share in a portfolio of orders, voluntary or forcedly reduce the prices for the services for 10-15 %. Thus the largest international companies went earlier on such actions reluctantly, motivating it is necessity of preservation of quality of the services. Their budgeting pays off in dollars, and sharp growth of an US dollar exchange rate to rouble automatically leads to the planned loss in case of a dumping.

however Halliburton the prospect of reception of negative profit has not frightened, and she in practice of similar tenders has for the last years offered for the first time the price for services in layer hydrorupture for 10 % below the starting price of the customer and approximately on a quarter below the usual price. Other participants of this tender among whom there were the largest international and Russian contractors, including Schlumberger, Newco and affiliated structure of company Catoil, have been compelled to concede to the winner. A number from them remained are dissatisfied, seeing in actions of the competitor possible signs of infringement of the antimonopoly law. hi-tech services cannot cost too cheaply. If them sell below cost, means, the company intends to save on their quality so, it is dishonest not only in relation to competitors, but also to the customer - the participant of the service market close to the tender complains.

to receive the official comment at the Russian office Halliburton yesterday it was not possible. Manager Halliburton has let know in conversation with daily that it not a single instance, and a tendency as the large Russian oil companies actively compel contractors to reduce prices for the services in connection with landslide falling of the prices for oil. As a result even service giants are compelled to optimise the expenses, saving on the personnel and asking the subcontractors to reduce the prices for services also. However, as he said, it negatively is not reflected in quality of services.

the representative Schlumberger Russia Gleb Ovsyannikov has refused to make comments on details of tenders, but has rejected possibility of giving of the claim in court on Halliburton about an unfair competition in connection with a dumping. As he said, conscientiousness of pricing on such services should be estimated to the customer. the one who does the most favourable offer of services wins and then qualitatively it realises. Our corporate culture does not allow us to save on quality - has underlined g - n Ovsyannikov. In a press - service oil Gazprom have not answered inquiry daily. In a press - to service FAS daily have informed that do not see in actions Halliburton of signs of infringement of the antimonopoly law as in the conditions of an economic crisis the majority of participants of the profile market anyhow reduce cost of the services, and the customer has the right to choose the most favourable offer.

thus Gazprom oil not unique from the large Russian companies who demands reduction of price from the contractors. According to the representative of the multinational corporation - BP Nikolay Gorelov, the company at times goes on cancellation of contracts with those contractors who continue to hold the pre-crisis prices, expecting from them proportional to reduction of prices on hydrocarbons of concessions.

According to the chairman of subcommittee on development of oil branch Trading - Valery Garipova`s industrial chamber, such as Halliburton or Schlumberger presume to itself work at a loss to force out subsequently from the market of the Russian competitors, not managed to save up there are enough means before crisis and incapable to reduce a price. He notices that the pre-crisis market differed an overabundance of demand for service services, now it is optimised towards the offer.