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Basalt prototype

In Geneva the new concept of the car of the future

German company EDAG will be presented (Engine­ ering + Design AG) presents at a March ­ automobile exhibition in Geneva kontsept - penalties under name Light Car - Open Source. In the car intended for everyday use and leisure, variety of innovative decisions which can become an integral part of the future cars is applied.

first of all car movement is provided with intellectual systems of the electric drive in wheels which not only show high efficiency, podpityvajas from litievo - ionic batteries, but also provide considerably bolshy open space for vehicle configuration. And the body kontsepta is constructed on rotating chassis - already realised universal platform compatible with most different kuzovnymi by the designs. She will allow to develop new one-platform models quickly and with low expenses.

Besides, Light Car - Open Source became one of the first cars using OLED - technology as communications element. “ we have applied modern multimedia and light technologies in the car and in the long term we want to offer the client possibility of a free configuration when all surface of a vehicle can function as the display for multimedia installation and will be reasonably used and individually “ - tells Johannes Barkmann heading design studio EDAG.

Already in project Light Car - Open Source the transparent back door is used as the screen with which help the driver can transfer given to other motorists. For example, to a vehicle going behind, it is possible to inform force of braking by means of a light scale. It is possible to transfer and other information - we will tell, the data about distances or the message that ahead a stopper. It will work all even in the event that other vehicles do not have own ­ system of communications between cars. One more advantage of the given idea consists that the driver following behind, can familiarise with the offered information without tearing off a sight from road.

at a choice of materials for Light Car - Open Source the accent became on innovative decisions. The body is made basically of basalt fibre ASA standardised in the industry. TEC. The material on 100 % is suitable for processing and a reuse and is favourable thanks to availability of raw materials. It not only is easier and cheaper some aluminium or a carbon fibre, but also possesses the actually same properties of rigidity, as at usual materials. Thanks to it a basalt fibre which can be used in construction of rotors for large wind power stations in the future, it is possible to enter into the regular use in motor industry already now.

The Project has in the name a word combination “ an open source “ as many of technologies used in it while are at early stages of development. EDAG regards the concept as the open initial project which is planned to develop at active participation ­ of other companies. In particular, firm Fulda will play a dominant role in an all-round estimation of a prototype and prospects of its manufacture to help EDAG to embody in the car the pragmatic decisions, called to reduce retail price of its definitive version.