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Vladikavkaz factory on manufacturing of accessories for electrotransport the Head of the North Ossetia asks the help

Tajmuraz Mamsurov has sent the letter to Yury Luzhkov with the request to assist in realisation of production of factory “ elektrokontaktor “ (Vladikavkaz). According to republican Minproma­, in connection with an economic crisis the factory has reduced deliveries of production to 25 % by 2007, volume of output - to 30 %. In holiday without the maintenance are sent about 200 employees. Participants of the Moscow market of electrotransport are not assured that in capital production “ elektrokontaktora “ it will be claimed.

Vladikavkaz factory “ elektrokontaktor “ specialises on release of low-voltage equipment, electrotechnical products. The enterprise takes in the lead positions in the market of electrotechnical equipment of Russia and the CIS countries. “ elektrokontaktor “ it is created in 1956. Since 1998 a series trolleybus electromagnetic kontaktorov which are widely applied in electrotransport equipment is developed. Some kinds of production of factory are included into number “ 100 best goods of Russia “.

Until recently Open Society “ elektrokontaktor “ increased volumes of output on the average on 30 % a year. In 2008 on the enterprise have delivered the new equipment from the USA. But with crisis arrival constant customers began to refuse former volumes of purchases. There were problems with goods export to Ukraine and to Belarus.

“ in 2008 the volume of shipments of production from factory has fallen more than to 25 % by 2007, - has informed “ weekly the South “ the chief of department of the economic analysis of Minproma of the North Ossetia Lydia Potsiorina. - Manufacture elektrokontaktorov has decreased on 43 %, manufacture total amount - on 30 % “.

the General director “ elektrokontaktora “ George Tabolov to make comments on a situation has refused. In republics Minprome consider that factory production have ceased to buy also because the Chinese analogues have appeared more cheaply. For today 190 from 250 employees of factory are sent in the compelled holidays.

the authorities of the North Ossetia expect to adjust deliveries in capital so-called elektrokontaktorov (accessories for electrotransport) on which release the factory is recognised by a monopolist in JUFO.

“ Between republic and Moscow here four years the cooperation agreement operates, - the first deputy minister of the industry, transport and communication of the North Ossetia Yury Chervets has declared. - We count that the management of Moscow where the electrotransport network is widely developed, will help with realisation of production of factory “.

Experts consider that it is more expedient to living in misery Vladikavkaz enterprise to address directly to trolleybus manufactures.

“ On quality the Chinese equipment always loses Russian though it is a little and more cheaply, - leading analyst UK " considers; finam Management “ Dmitry Baranov. - on a hand “ elektrokontaktoru “ can play and falling of the price for metal - inexpensive raw materials will allow to lower production cost price “.

Participants of the Moscow market of electrotransport are not assured that in capital production “ elektrokontaktora “ it will be claimed.

“ basically we use accessories of our Moscow factories “ the Dynamo “ and KROST, - has informed “ weekly the South “ the deputy director on commercial questions and the automated systems of Joint-Stock Company “ the Moscow trolleybus factory “ Sergey Gridin. - Their production is a bit more expensive, than at competitors, but we agree to overpay for quality. There was an experience with Vladikavkaz factory - production of the Moscow enterprises more reliable “.

The Source at other enterprise of Moscow concerning release of public transport, has declared that in some years elektrokontaktory can yield the palm to electronic control systems.

“ in manufacture of electrotransport Moscow and Peter already pass to use of electronic control systems - them make in Czechia, St.-Petersburg, - has declared a source. - unlike elektrokontaktorov it is essentially new control system of the transport, allowing to develop the big speeds and to save 20-30 % of the electric power. It is not excluded that in the long term the majority of manufacturers of electrotransport will refuse installation elektrokontaktorov “.