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Not to see Paris and to die

There is Sam Mendesa`s new film

Road of changes - a tape in which Leonardo DiKaprio and Kate Uinslet represent as to a bottom there is a fragile little craft of family happiness. In Russia have died down blockbusters olive also there comes time of the present film gourmets. Between delivery ceremonies the Gold globe and Oscar to spectators will show the best films which will reap a crop of film awards this year, - Substitution Viki Christina Barselona the Duchess Benjamin Battona`s Mysterious history Frost against Nixon and, at last, the favourite - Denni Boyle`s masterpiece the Millionaire from slums .

Sam Mendesa`s Tape has received three nominations on the Gold globe also has won one of them. The award has got Kate Uinslet as to the best actress. In a new film of the author oskaronosnoj Beauty on - American DiKaprio and Uinslet again together after Titanic . Now they are considered as hardly probable not most demanded drama actors of Hollywood. In to Road of changes they play an ordinary married couple. Actors play most that on there is an average marriage on - American. Picture action is developed in 50 - h years, but time basically has no value. In the same way it was possible to transfer events and today.

in this sense the director only gives due to Richard Jejtsa`s novel of the same name on which the film is shot. By the way, newspaper The Times named the novel among hundred best products which have been let out since 1923 and till today. And the author was marked by the well-known science fiction writer Kurt Vonnegut. So, in a film Road of changes the married couple of protagonists lives in a standard cosy small house. Raises two children - yet adult, but already and not small. The father families Frenk (Leonardo DiKaprio) - the clerk hating the work. They do not have good sex, and there are regular scandals. Frenka have a mistress - not so - that and the nice silly fellow from work. His wife Ejpril (Kate Uinslet) - the untalented actress, but first of all it the housewife exhausted with life. They are on friendly terms families with lovely neighbours. In general, all as at people. In effect, a picture about conformism, about readiness of people to betray high dream for the sake of petty-bourgeois happiness.

first Frenk and Ejpril find forces to admit that they were entirely absorbed by ordinary existence - service at office, a life. Heroes want to escape from narrow-minded networks and remember that they had a dream - to live in Paris. And then their life is filled with sense. However, that the dream has come true, it is necessary to refuse a cult of all inhabitants - a familiar spot on work, a home. To make it not so - that is simple. The destiny there and then arranges tests, throws up some kind of tips: Frenku increase and the big salary, Ejpril - one more pregnancy.

test by petty-bourgeois pleasures, happiness of the consumer it appears the heaviest. As a reason voice in this film the character who is beaten out from a general series of average Americans, - mentally defective person acts. He that also tries to convince all that there are such people for whom it is better to see Paris and to die, because not to see Paris is means and not to live at all.