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nominees on " are declared; Oscar

Yesterday in Los - Andzhelese has been announced the list of nominees on Oscar - it was presented by the president of American film academy Sid Gejnis and actor Forest Uitaker ( Last king of Scotland ). Predictably, the tape of the author " became the leader by quantity of Oscar nominations; Fight club David Finchera Benjamin Battona`s Mysterious history . The Russian spectators soon should see this film in which Brad Pitt lives on the contrary, from an old age by youth. This picture applies for an award in 13 categories.

so, in a nomination the Best film will compete Benjamin Battona`s Mysterious history American - German the Reader Stephen Doldri ( Hours ) Harvi Milk Gasa Van Senta about the first American politician who has recognised the homosexuality, the Millionaire from slums Denni Boyle (the tape about the young man from the poor quarter, won millions in a lottery, recently has received four the Gold globe ) and Frost against Nixon the actor and the director Rhone Hovarda (a true story how the British playboy, the thoughtless leading current - show has won journalistic duel against the president of the United States).

the List of the directors applying for the award, completely repeats a nomination the Best film - authors of all pictures nominated for the award are presented and in this category. Will struggle for Best Actor Sean Penn ( Harvi Milk ), Brad Pitt ( Benjamin Battona`s Mysterious history ), and also triumphers of the Venetian festival and the Gold globe Mikki Rourke ( Restler ) And the Moscow festival Richard Jenkins ( the Visitor ). And if Mikki Rourke has sensationally returned to the big cinema in roles restlera, not able to live anywhere, except as on a ring the eternal hero of an episode Richard Jenkins has played the leading role first really - the ordinary citizen of the USA facing extremely unfair national migratory system. At last, from two protagonists of a film Frost against Nixon have put forward nevertheless not young Michael Shina, and the skilled Frenka Langellu, apologising president who has played tragedy. In a nomination the Best woman`s role are presented bypassed the Gold globe both festivals in Cannes and Venice Angelina Jolie ( Substitution ) and Ann Hetuej ( Rachel marries ), and also a triumpher the Gold globe Kate Uinslet ( the Reader), Meril the Strip ( Doubt ) and Melisa Leo ( the Frozen river ) .

In nominations for roles of the second plan actors of Dzhosh Brolin (" are presented; Harvi Milk ), Robert Dauni - younger ( Soldiers of failure ), Filip Sejmur Hofman ( Doubt ), Hit Ledzher ( the Dark knight ) and Michael Shennon ( Road of changes ), and also actresses Emi Adams and Viola Devis ( Doubt ), Penelopa Krus ( Viki Christina Barselona ), Tarandzhi Henson ( Benjamin Battona`s Mysterious history ) and Marisa Tomej ( Restler ) . The best animation film will choose from three pictures - VALL - And Volt and Kung - faugh the Panda . And for foreign Oscar tapes " will be overcome; the Class (France), the Waltz with Bashirom (Israel), the Revenge (Austria), Departure (Japan) and the Complex of Baadera - Majnhof (Germany).

Russian the Mermaid Annas Melikjan has not got to the list of Oscar nominees, but a domestic cartoon film the Lavatory history - a love story applies for the main world film award in a nomination the Best short animation film . The ten-minute project of the author Aleshi Popovicha and Tugarina of the Dragon Konstantin Bronzita is the love story occurring in most unadapted for this purpose a place. Whether she will manage to receive Oscar it becomes known in a month, on February, 22nd. A day before Oscar ceremony delivery " will take place; the Gold raspberry
the Worst products of the American cinema will be defined by voting of jury as a part of 687 persons that is almost equal in eight times more numbers of those who defines Oscar winners. This year a record on nominations on the Gold raspberry the picture " has put; Sex - the guru with Mike Myers. This comedy applies for seven awards, including in nominations the worst film the worst actor the worst actress . In struggle for a rank of the horrific image of year Sex - the guru will compete with the Phenomenon the Beauty and the ugly creature the Unreal blockbuster Acquaintance to Spartans and a tape For the sake of the king: History of a siege of a vault . In a nomination the worst actor Except Mike Myers, Al Pacinos (" are presented also; 88 minutes and the Right to murder ), Eddi Murphy ( Get acquainted: Dejv ), Mark Uolberg ( the Phenomenon and Max Pejn ) and Larri Kejbl Guy ( Confused protection ). On a rank of the worst actress of year, except the heroine Sex - the guru Dzhessiki Alby, apply Kameron Dias ( Once in Vegase ), Paris Hilton ( the Beauty and the ugly creature ), Kate Hudson ( Gold of fools and the Girl of my best friend ), and also actor`s structure of a picture Women - Annett Bening, Eve Mendes, Debra Messing, Dzhada - Pinket Smitt and Meg Rajan. Paris Hilton also is presented in nominations the Worst role of the second plan for a tape the Genetic opera and the Worst screen duet all for the same the Beauty and the ugly creature .