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In Petersburg will construct the sailing Center

the Company the SOU of Energogidromehanizatsija will construct the sailing Center in Lahta. It will be the first project of a similar profile and scale in water area of gulf of Finland. Investments into its realisation are estimated in 15 million dollars the City is interested in occurrence of sports object, but to support it financially is not ready. Experts notice that popularity of yachting grows in region, but in the conditions of crisis the project will have problems from - for falling of demand for elite types of service and rest.

the first Petersburg Center of sailing should appear on a site the area about 3 hectares jugo - to the east of crossing of Coastal street with the Field lane in Lahta. As project head Igor Frolov has informed daily, the complex will include a building of sports sailing school, jahtennuju parking in water areas of the Neva lip, and also hangars for storage and repair of sports and educational courts. The building total area will make about 5 thousand in sq. m. to Finish the project it is planned by 2011. And its recoupment, by our calculations, will make seven - ten years - speaks g - n Frolov. Investments into the project the interlocutor has refused to name, but, according to the head of department of projects and ARIN Zosi Zaharovoj`s analytical researches, they will make more than 15 million dollars The company the SOU of Energogidromehanizatsija which specialises on extraction of nonmetallic minerals in Severo - the Western region and dnouglubitelnyh works in water area of gulf of Finland, as he said, occupies territory of the earth of 1 hectare on - to the neighbourhood.

as the first deputy of the chairman of committee on physical culture and sports of city administration Nikolay Rastvortsev has informed, Smolnyj is very interested in occurrence of the similar centre. but most likely support it from the budget we can not. There are more priority themes - he fairly admitted.

Experts notice that yachting in Petersburg develops very slowly. Since 2000 it is realised only two projects of yachts - clubs, in Petrodvortsovom and Resort areas. parking for courts in Petersburg are under construction actively enough. By 2015 their quantity will reach 120. It is More than half from them will be marines that is will correspond to elite classes And or In - the general director of corporation " has noted; Adveks. Real estate Vladimir Gavrilchuk. the project Recoupment can be reduced considerably if the centre renders services of hire and storage of small size vessels - the director for development LCMC Konstantin Kostin has noticed. And the head of service of the customer Northwest Invest Alexey Nikiforov considers that the company simply tries to reserve behind itself tasty a site on the bank of gulf of Finland on the future.