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Products will faster rise in price

importers ask retail to reconsider more often the prices

On hand daily there was a copy of the reference of importers of grocery production to trading networks in which they suggest to change the mechanism of pricing from - for sharp fluctuations of the rate of exchange. They want to agree with retail to change the price time and again in a quarter as was before, and each ten days. Since August, 2008 the dollar has grown almost on 40 % and importers are compelled to rise in the price, they justify. It will concern also the Russian manufacturers using import components. Ritejlery expect an avalanche stream of references of importers, but warn that them will consider in an individual order.

by data daily, under the letter representatives approximately fifty companies, including SEVKO, " have already subscribed; the Mistral Corrado and pomidorprom . In the prepared reference of importers it is said that the companies have faced necessity of revision of the rouble prices and more frequent modification in operating a price - sheets. Besides more frequent change of the prices importers suggest to give, in particular, to them the right of extraordinary increase in the prices in case of change of the rate of exchange more than on 5 % in comparison with a course on a Date of Introduction of the last a price - sheet. They also against penalties for short shipments and stops of shipments of the goods. Till now ritejlery agreed with suppliers in an individual order, but, as a rule, manufacturers could change the prices no more than to 5 % quarter or half a year, and the penalty for short shipment reached 30 % from the sum of the outstood goods.

to receive the comment in Mistrals and Corrado it was not possible. The general director pomidorproma Vyacheslav Rezantsev has confirmed that has subscribed under this letter though the company already more than half of production makes in Russia and assumes increase in volume of own manufacture and importozameshchenija. But we have signed the letter as in a today`s situation already it is impossible to work by old rules, differently the majority of suppliers will be ruined also regiments of shops will become empty - has underlined g - n Rezantsev. Representative SEVKO has declared that heard about the letter. Necessity of any arrangements is obvious, he has added.

in a difficult situation also there were manufacturers of tea and coffee as all raw materials for manufacture are imported. If not domestic processing change of the prices for end production would be same sharp, as well as change of the rate of exchange, assures the general director of association Roschajkofe Ramaz Chanturija. We now analyze a situation and we are going to formulate accurately the requirements to trade - he has declared.

Alexander Tsagolov, the general director of the company Ah Si Es the distributor of confectionery and groceries, has declared that supports the initiative of importers: the Majority of our suppliers buys raw materials or components for currency, and they after change of the rate of exchange are compelled to lift cost prices. Earlier ourselves tried to solve these questions, but today it is necessary to change conditions of cooperation with retail .

Changes of relations with retail expect not only grocers. Mjasopererabotchiki today also are clamped in a vice: on the one hand, suppliers of raw materials expose the prices in c.u., with another - retail networks constrain the prices, the head of executive committee of National meat association Sergey Jushin explains.

Representatives of retail networks recognise complexity of a situation in the currency market. in this situation the Tape With the maximum understanding concerns a problem and it is ready not to apply all requirements and conditions of the operating contract the deliveries complicating cooperation in the conditions of devaluation of rouble - the director for purchases of the goods dry food tells the companies the Tape Michael Berlin. Really, separate companies already apply to reconsider conditions of deliveries, but on each supplier individual decisions are made, the expert in public relations " tells; Ashan Russia Maria Kurnosova. The head of department of external and governmental communications of the company the Underground a cache end Kerry Oksana Tokarev expects a stream of references of the companies - the importers connected with devaluation of rouble. the company will react with understanding - she assures. However the network will not accept without adducing any proof all argument of the supplier to rise in the price for the goods, warns g - zha Tokarev.

In turn, if retail does not meet, suppliers will sharply rise in the price, putting a price for three months forward, experts warn.