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On a credit needle

25 originators of world crisis

From the beginning of world financial crisis are named dared to find nobody guilty in it, and left that problems have arisen by itself. Newspaper The Guardian has dared to name 25 originators of crisis. But all of them and so on hearing - eks - US presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain Gordon Brown, set of former and operating bankers and state officials, and also the whole people - Americans, it is thoughtless ponabravshie excessive credits.

opens the list former head FRS the USA Alan Grinspen with its aspiration to market self-control. G - on Grinspena and earlier quite often criticised for too strong belief in independence of the markets. Now The Guardian has decided that for the inflated mortgage bubble otvetstven it. Besides, Alan Grinspen defended the market derivativov, saying that derivative tools are improbably useful for transfer of risks. Even billionaires George Soros and Warren Baffet who were included also into the list of authors of crisis, doubted reliability of these complex products. G - n Baffet in general named derivativy financial weapons of mass destruction . But it, by the way, have entered in the list for the October recommendation to buy a slice of the American future at the price below market - Baffet then assured Warren that the stock market has reached a bottom. Speculator George Soros going by trace, under the newspaper statement, knew all, about all all has warned, but... It is all the same guilty, as crisis - and his hands business.

the small group of people can bear responsibility for present financial crisis, but accuse only these persons incorrectly, - the professor of Bredfordsky university, adviser Oxford Research Group the Floor Rogers has told daily. - Those who wished to be involved in the general system with its deep internal problems are much more guilty, and such it is much more . The Guardian besides politicians (US presidents and the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain, the senator from Texas Fil Gremm), were and still operating bankers (Ebi Cohen from Goldman Sachs, Andy Hornbi from HBOS, Adam Epplgart from Northern Rock, Chak Prins from Citi, Sten About Nile from Merrill Lynch, etc.) Officials (the head of bank committee of the senate of the USA Christopher Dodd operating Bank of England Mervin King), financiers (Meredit Uitni from Oppenheimer Securities, a hedge - guru John Polson) names all American public among originators.

greedy bankers with Uoll - strit can take away the riches but if millions Americans understood that they occupy more than will manage to return, we would not appear now in this turmoil - writes The Guardian. To British too has got: the newspaper named them credit addicts of Europe which have created problems to itself. All would manage, if British spoke to credits " more often; is not present .

The Guardian has remembered small Iceland from its premieres - minister Gejre to the Chord which on Friday has retired on a state of health but which nevertheless have included in the black list. In October of last year three largest Icelandic commercial banks have collapsed from - for multi-billion debts. The IMF and a number of the European states have borrowed Iceland 2,1 mlrd dollars on economy maintenance. the prime minister - the minister bears huge responsibility for a bank collapse in Iceland - the head of research department Icelandic Kaupthing Bank has declared daily Asgejr Dzhonsson.

it is necessary to mention those who for any reasons was not included into list The Guardian though results of activity of these people far are not unequivocal. In particular, 26 - the m quite could become the former head of the commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA Christopher Koks who has recently retired. Undoubtedly, it very many has made for the American financial system, however today many doubt quality of regulation of the financial markets in crisis conditions. Its colleague Ben Bernanke who is operating head FRS, together with workaholic Henry Polson heading the American Ministry of Finance, too remained out of the list though to them of questions can be not less.

there are as well those the few who can to be included in the rascally list . For example, recently risen at a wheel of the world`s largest bank group Citigroup Vikram Pandit which has decided to keep company structure, having protected it from smashing, - he tries to operate this large object, trying not to think that from - for crisis can become its last general director.