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Electromobile on gasoline

GM has prepared harmless model for Europe

Concern GM declared that in Geneva the new model of Opel Ampera will be presented, having published its blacked out image - while the only thing accessible for today. By means of a novelty conclusion in Europe the global motor-car manufacturer aspires to provide to itself a reserve in the perspective market of harmless and economic vehicles, after all from - for toughenings of ecological norms a potential demand on high-efficiency green cars in the European countries it is rather great.

outwardly four-seater five-door sedan of Opel Ampera bears a strong resemblance to the conceptual Opel Flextreme represented GM in 2007 as the European answer of Chevrolet Volt. It is expected that inside the DM car will repeat in many respects an interior of related American model.

With a conclusion to market Ampera Opel company becomes the first European motor-car manufacturer who will give to the buyers possibility is unceasing to pass some hundreds kilometres on an electricity - Alain Visser, the main expert in marketing GM Europe has declared. Though the statement more than ambitious, it is necessary - taki to look all at details.

the innovative electric technology GM named Voltec, works is distinct from other harmless power-plants. At short trips to 60 km Ampera can go only on the electromotor which lithium will be podpityvatsja energy - the ionic battery recharged from the household socket by pressure of 230 V.Dlja of a covering of longer distances the car will continue to move on an electricity which will start to be made by a small internal combustion engine. As a result of Ampera applies for laurels of the popular car approaching under a mode of daily trips of the majority of the European motorists. For example, according to GM, approximately 80 % of German drivers pass less than 50 km a day.

offering a mass hybrid for Europe, concern, despite current financial problems and falling of demand for the production, continues to expand a ruler harmless kontseptov, and does it in different classes. For example, on the Detroit motor show the prototype of bonus Cadillac Converj using same Voltec has been shown. The analogy to Toyota which offers Prius for mass audience arises and not so long ago has shown on the same autoshow benzinovo - electric model of Lexus HS 250h for more exacting public, positioned as one of the most economic and effective hybrids of the present.

according to preliminary data, Opel Ampera can start to be on sale in the European market in 2012. The additional information on the car will be published on March, 3rd on the Geneva motor show.