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Wi - Fi - a card

Eye - Fi

Loading of photos from usual digital chambers in memory of the computer or it is direct in the Network does not do without USB - a cable or necessity to take out a flash card from the device and to insert it in slot on the personal computer. To refuse purchase of the chamber with support Wi - Fi new cards of memory of format SD under name Eye - Fi allow.

Technology of their work the following. Before use Eye - Fi as a flash card for tsifrovika it is activated by means of the computer. After that the carrier is located in the chamber, and the information collecting on it can on Wi - Fi to be transferred in memory of the computer which has registered a card.

this algorithm is fair for all SD - cards of ruler Eye - Fi. Nevertheless each of several variants Wi - Fi - cards possesses the features. So, the cheapest model Eye - Fi Home, calculated on 2 Gb, is equipped only by base function of remote transfer of the image from the chamber on the computer. More difficult variant Eye - Fi Anniversary Edition with memory size of 4 Gb allows to throw photos not only on the computer, but also to fill in them on video sites and in blogs. And the most advanced model, Eye - Fi Explore, can not only place a photo on the computer and sites, but also automatically to define a place where there is a shooting. Such original GPS, working in 10 thousand various corners of a planet, will allow to load into system the dispositions of the image signed according to a place. To get Eye - Fi - cards it is possible through the Internet - shops: - Fi Home - for 80 dollars, for more functional it is necessary to give simple model Eye on 130 dollars