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The facilitated tobacco

the cigarettes which are not containing nicotine

According to an estimation of World Health Organization Are created, approximately 1,1 mlrd the person in the world are smokers. Thus annually smoking carries away about 5 million lives that makes 12 % of all death on a planet. To correct this pitiable situation undertook Japanese genetics and selectors.

scientists from University of Kyoto have revealed a gene which is responsible for transportation of nicotine from roots to leaves of tobacco. The matter is that in the nature nicotine is formed in root system of tobacco, and then special gene Nt - JAT1 starts its carrying over to leaves. Having blocked the substance delivering nicotine in tobacco leaves - the basic raw materials for manufacture of cigarettes, researchers have received beznikotinovyj the tobacco indistinguishable on the flavouring qualities from classical analogue.

According to professor Kazumumi Jazaki, tests have shown that leaves of plants in which this gene was earlier deaktivirovan, any more did not contain some nicotine whereas it was present at roots. the cigarettes made of such tobacco, in the future will help smokers to get rid of dependence without additional antinicotinic preparations - the Japanese expert speaks. Affirms that, smoking similar cigarettes, the person will not feel psychological discomfort, however its organism will gradually wean from regular receipt of nicotine and physiological dependence will be overcome. And will give up smoking after preliminary transition on beznikotinovye cigarettes much easier - displays a cancellation syndrome will not torment fastened with cigarettes.

tobacco smoking has grown into an epidemic, with which catastrophic growth warmly - vascular diseases, illnesses of respiratory organs, oncological diseases is connected. From more 3 thousand the connections containing in a tobacco smoke, 60 possess cancerogenic action. 10 % of smokers fall ill and subsequently perish from malignant tumours. From among smoking two packs in day - 15-20 %, - are made comments daily by the senior lecturer of chair of biochemistry RGMU the candidate of medical sciences Nikolay Adrianov. - And even knowing about pitiable consequences of a tobacco smoking, to refuse a cigarette extremely difficult. After all the smoker should consult not only with psychological, but also with physiological dependence on nicotine. The person gets used to nicotine more strongly, than to heroin, cocaine or marihuana. It confirms that fact that only 7 % of the people, wished to give up smoking, maintain refusal of smoking within one year. Therefore to get rid of smoking in a case when psychological dependence is already supported physiological, it is the extremely difficult .

Beznikotinovye of a cigarette are shown all smokers without dependence from, whether they want to reduce simply loading by lungs and heart or have seriously aimed to give up smoking. Having analysed different kinds of dependence on smoking, scientists have come to a conclusion that beznikotinovyj tobacco approaches for gradual refusal of smoking at any forms of dependence: ideatornoj, dissociated and psychosomatic. The ideatornaja form which is present at 18 % of smokers, is characterised by presence of a figurative component in inclination structure. At persons with this form of dependence the periodic type of an inclination is more often marked, in certain situations (stress, a feast), that is intervals between smoking of cigarettes can vary from 1-3 ch about several days. The dissociated form observed at 65 %, is shown by not realised and mechanical smoking, and the quantity of smoked cigarettes fluctuates from 4 to 30 in day. And, at last, the heaviest - psychosomatic - the form is characterised by smoking every 10-20 minute, on an empty stomach, at night with fast increase in quantity of smoked cigarettes. Number of patients with this clinical form - 17 %. As a whole the percent dependent on tobacco among total number of smokers reaches 93 %. Thus refusal of cigarettes causes in many smokers present lomku which in 85 % return to smoking follows. After all cancellation involves fluctuations of arterial pressure, tachycardia, a short wind, irritability, aggression.

to Refuse tobacco so it is difficult, because nicotine very strongly influences biochemical processes, - Nikolay Adrianov has explained. - So, activation central n - holinoretseptorov during smoking influences informative activity of the person and its emotional condition, raises intellectual working capacity, improves concentration of attention. Emission noradrenalina has exciting an effect on an organism, causes increase of arterial pressure, increase in frequency of warm reductions and breath. Secretion dofamina in the sites of a brain supervising feeling of pleasure and motivation, defines achievement of mental comfort at smoking. And the strengthened liberation beta - endorfina underlies development of physical dependence on nicotine .

According to Japanese experts, psychologically comfortable way to reduce the harm put to the health by tobacco, is use of cigarettes without nicotine with the lowered maintenance of pitches. It is important also that the smoke beznikotinovyh cigarettes is absolutely harmless to associates of the smoker of people which from - for passive smoking too subject the lungs and danger vessels. Thus, the new grade of tobacco which are not containing nicotine, becomes accessible and universal remedy to keep health of chain smokers and their relatives.