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The marriage agency has laundered the pump money Round the world

the Central Bank has withdrawn the licence at Astrahanprombanka

Since January, 27th, 2009 Bank of Russia has withdrawn the licence for realisation of bank operations at the Astrakhan industrial bank for washing up of billions roubles. We will notice that among proprietors of bank - marriage agency Constellation Open Company thermal power station Round the world the manufacturer of pumps of Open Company Eko - autowatering and automobile hire of Open Company City the Trance .

As has informed on Tuesday of the Central Bank, the decision on licence withdrawal is accepted in connection with numerous within one year infringement of the requirements provided by item 7 (except for item 7 item 3) the federal law About counteraction to legalisation (washing up) of the incomes received by a criminal way, and terrorism financing .

According to Bank of Russia, in December, 2008 - January, 2009 in the Moscow branch Astrahanprombanka the activity connected with large-scale cashing in of money resources has been developed. For this period the branch had been gave out clients cash money resources in volume more than 6 mlrd rbl. and an order of 230 million dollars In Bank of Russia inform that the credit institution did not observe direction terms in FSFM messages on the operations which are subject to obligatory control.

since January, 27th in Astrahanprombanke the acting administration which will work before removal by arbitration court of the decision on bankruptcy has been appointed. The head of acting administration on management of bank appoints managing sector of target checks and conducting the file of department of inspection of credit organisations GU of Bank of Russia across the Astrakhan region Nikolay Osipov.

fulfilling duties of chief accountant Astrahanprombanka Oleg Zalisevich has refused comments. Astrahanprombank has been created on the basis of Dalrybbanka belonging to the insurance company the Ice crust - the Center (nowadays SK Zurich ) In 2005. In March, 2007 the Ice crust - the Center has sold 99,99 % of shares of company to the third parties. In a press - to service of the insurance company could not explain the sale reason. Since January, 1st, 2008 shareholders of bank, according to its report for the third quarter 2008, some companies registered in a city to the Queen of Moscow Region were. In particular, on 19,99 % belongs to Open Company Marriage agency Constellation Open Company thermal power station Round the world Open Company Prioritet Open Company Eko - autowatering Open Company City the Trance .

It is remarkable that some employees of bank have passed to work in Astrahanprombank from the Base - bank at which in 2007 the licence also has been withdrawn from - for washings up of means. So, zamglavnogo the bookkeeper the Base - bank Irina Malov working there since 2005 in the status of the chief of department of the taxation, in October, 2007 has been appointed by chief accountant Astrahanprombanka. And in October, 2008 one of a top - managers of the Astrakhan bank - the head of department of network technologies and computer facilities Alexander Krylov has been convicted in hacking : it has translated 20 million rbl. from the Astrakhan branch Rosselhozbanka in three business concerns of St.-Petersburg.

according to the banker, wished to remain not named, in bank widespread enough scheme on money-laundering which was actively used in Russia three years ago could be used. Swindlers bought the banks which affairs went not so well, only for the purpose of licence reception, then the bank was used as cover for washing up of means.

By words zamgendirektora URSA - Vladimir Mehrjakova`s bank, small regional banks are often enough got for the purpose of money-laundering. Cost of such active is insignificant. For example, given Astrahanprombank could manage to its owners not more expensively one capital (the authorised capital of bank for October, 1st, 2008 made 150 million rbl.). By data g - on Mehrjakova, the currency of balance of similar banks at normal work usually does not exceed 500 million rbl.