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For Northern treasury

Has gathered Alpha insurance

Alpha insurance does not lose interest to leaders of the regional insurance markets. As it became known daily, the company carries on negotiations for purchase of the leading insurer of Sverdlovsk area Northern treasury . If the transaction takes place, Alpha insurance serious competitive advantage which will allow it to overtake in region on gathering SOGAZ will get.

According to statistics FSSN for nine months 2008, gathering SK Northern treasury make 862,53 million rbl. (of them 744,32 million rbl. - in Sverdlovsk area), payments - 572,8 million rbl.

As the general director " has told daily; Alpha insurance Vladimir Skvortsov, negotiations with SK Northern treasury have been begun last year, after closing in November of the transaction on purchase by Alpha bank of a controlling interest of bank Northern treasury . At present it did not begin to make comments on a detail from - for reasons of business ethics . the Company Northern treasury is one of strong regional insurers. We also carry on negotiations for purchase of some other large insurance companies in regions - Vladimir Skvortsov speaks. northern treasury for October, 1st of last year took the fourth place on gathering in region. If the transaction with Northern treasury will take place, Alpha insurance can overtake on gathering in the Sverdlovsk area SOGAZ, taking the third place.

earlier in interview daily (on September, 22nd last year) Vladimir Skvortsov declared: Till the end of 2008 on acquisitions of insurers (taking into account purchase in March, 2008 for 500 million rbl. of the insurer of Magnitogorsk metallurgical industrial complex - SKM. - daily) the sum at a rate of 2,5-3 mlrd rbl. can be spent Money is allocated, it is necessary to find correct object for investments .

Yesterday Vladimir Skvortsov has informed that the sum of investments has not changed. potentially in crisis it is possible to buy more companies on this money: the prices for insurance actives have fallen a minimum twice since September-October of last year, however and conditions of selection of insurers inevitably should be more rigidly: some insurers now cost nothing - marks g - n Starlings.

the general director Zurich. A retail Harry Delba says that all large Moscow insurers considered Northern treasury for acquisition: It is an attractive active . However, as he said, expectations of owners can be now overestimated in comparison with the real price of the company. As general director AK " speaks; Marillion Sergey Haritonov, many regional companies with prevalence of autoinsurance have problems. Unique exit to keep reputation in region, - to sell business. if the company has an essential difference between a net wealth and obligations the sum of transaction can make this difference, and a maximum - the price of a real net wealth - marks g - n Haritonov.