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To Davos have written out the doctor

Vladimir Putin will offer an overcoming the crisis way

For the first time the right to open international economic forum in Swiss Davos has received Russia. Today with the basic report on it the head of the Russian government Vladimir Putin will act. The prime minister will tell about the reasons of a global economic crisis and about measures of its overcoming. Experts are convinced that Putin`s performance will set the fashion to the forthcoming summit the big twenty and also a meeting with new administration of the USA.

the world economic forum which will last till February, 1st, by estimations of the founder the form of Klausa Shvaba, will be one of the most representative for all history: heads will take part in its work more than 40 countries of the world and 2500 visitors from 96 countries of the world. It is expected that to Davos there will arrive the head of the government of China Ven Tszjabao, German chancellor Angela Merkel, the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain Gordon Brown and the prime minister - the minister of Japan Taro Aso. Such interest to a forum, according to organizers, is dictated by a theme of the chosen discussion - Formation of the postcrisis world .

Meanwhile many habitues of a forum have not received this time the invitation: participation it has been refused to the former heads of the large companies who have become by victims of crisis. At the same time many American businessmen have refused to go to Davos. As transfers Reuters, a trip general director Citigroup of Vikram Pandit at the last minute has cancelled; Barack Obama Larri Summers`s economic adviser, the head of Federal corporation of insurance of contributions of the USA Shejla Bejr also have decided to refrain from participation in a forum. America at a forum will be represented by Valeri Dzherret, Barack Obama`s senior adviser.

the Russian delegation this year will be headed by prime minister Vladimir Putin who will act with the basic report. By words zamrukovoditelja Yury Ushakov`s governmental body, the offer to represent itself as the main lecturer has arrived to Putin even in the summer, in September the founder of a forum of Klaus Shvab has personally arrived to Sochi to designate a circle of actual problems and to discuss visit details. the nominee is chosen not casually, many participants of a forum, according to polls, have shown interest to Russia - has told g - n Ushakov. The prime minister who was not so long ago the opponent of foreign debatable platforms, has accepted this time the invitation, considering importance of the declared problem. We will remind that in 2007 the Presidential Administration recommended to officials to refrain from participation in the London forum, and to prefer the Petersburg.

in the report, by words a press - the secretary of prime minister Dmitry Peskova, g - n Putin will speak about the crisis reasons, about the postcrisis period, About necessity of revision of an existing economic situation to protect us from crises in the future and also will offer ways of an exit from global crisis. On the eve of a forum g - n Putin has shared some ideas in interview to agency Bloomberg. It is necessary to speak about development of uniform standards in world economy which would play a stabilising role - he has told. The second offer is connected with reforming of a world financial system. we have the right to speak about unification of rules on world financial platforms, - he has declared. - in previous years we observed a competition between these platforms, and, as consequence, there was a decrease in certain level of discipline . It is not excluded that speech will come and about formations of regional reserve currencies.

experts notice that the present forum has in a greater degree a political context, than last years. Now an overcoming the crisis is in many respects fastened on state efforts and state intervention, including development of new tools of interstate interaction - Dmitry Badovsky believes the deputy director of Institute of social systems of the Moscow State University. Main for today the question who fastest and more effectively all will get out of crisis and will be the winner. steps which are undertaken in the countries, are estimated already from this point of view. Tomorrow from this point of view will estimate Putin - has concluded g - n Badovsky.

However hardly the idea about new reserve currencies will cause rough discussion on the form: it is a subject of conversation more likely for summit G20, rather than for this platform, the chief of department of the strategic and macroeconomic analysis " speaks; VTB Management of actives Alexey Vorobev. All offers on change of the world economic architecture, for the first time sounded at last summit the twenty Will receive at a forum the further impulse.