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Month to a collapse

Rosstat fixes reduction of prices of manufacturers

the Prices of manufacturers of the industrial goods in December, 2008 have continued decrease. According to Rosstata, in comparison with November they have fallen to 7,6 %, with December, 2007 - on 7 %. Falling of this indicator could lead to decrease in costs of economy and, accordingly, improvement of indicators of profitability in a number of branches. However experts are afraid that January increase of tariffs for services of natural monopolies can break this tendency. In January, under their forecast, the industrial statistics still will worsen.

in December the industry, by estimates of Rosstata, has fallen to 10,3 % growing in former months of the investment into fixed capital the prices of manufacturers - on 7 % have decreased on 2,3 %. On depth of falling of the industry the end of 2008 is comparable to the second quarter 1998 when it has fallen almost to 10 % - it is told in the weekly bulletin of the Center of development.

a bottom of falling of the industry it is yet visible, experts are assured. Rates of falling can be accelerated. deterioration of an index of enterprise confidence of Rosstata and acceleration of falling of car industry testify to it, - the leading expert of the Center of development Valery Mironov speaks. - in January the industry can fall off on 12 % . From - for reductions in demand, and also power raw materials costs in the world market fall the prices at manufacturers of an industrial output. Reductions of prices in December Rosstat has fixed the greatest in mining operations. So, in comparison with November of the price in extraction have fallen to 16,2 %, in processing branches - on 6,5 %. Including wood processing has fallen in price on 1,3 %, and metallurgical manufacture - on 8,2 %.

Such dynamics if it was fixed still at least for some months, would help a number of branches (to building, mechanical engineering) to lower costs. However the trend taken by manufacturers on reduction of prices can already interrupt in January, Valery Mironov is afraid. the prices of manufacturers can raise again after a rise in price of tariffs for services of natural monopolies, process of decrease in costs of economy " will stop; - the expert assumes. Though the potential of falling of the prices is not settled yet. So, for example, in metallurgical manufacture for January-September, 2008 of the price have grown on 35 %, and have fallen while only to 21 %, the leading expert of the Center of the macroeconomic analysis and short-term forecasting Vladimir Salnikov specifies. the enterprises are clamped between reduction in demand and a rise in price of tariffs - he considers. More all will suffer from - for it power-intensive branches: colour and ferrous metals, manufacture of nitric fertilizers, cement.