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The first among equal

metropolitan Cyril is selected by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia

the Metropolitan Smolensk and Kaliningrad by the head of Russian Orthodox Church (Russian Orthodox Church) by a majority of votes is selected. The new patriarch in the speech has let know that will create the new legal base fixing non-interference of the state in church affairs and special guarantees to clerics. At the new head of Russian Orthodox Church, experts agree, the church will occupy that position with which the power should be considered.

the intrigue with election of the new patriarch remained throughout last two weeks though it was accompanied by two rejections. On the eve of the Arhierejsky cathedral one of the most authoritative church hierarches has refused participation in elections metropolitan Kiev Vladimir. Having thanked for great honour, he has declared that wants to appear before God 121 - m the metropolitan Kiev .

As a result bishops have selected three applicants: Cyril`s metropolitans (97 voices), Klimenta (32) and Philaret (16). The Pomestnyj cathedral had the right to put forward additional candidates - on request of group of delegates. And on the eve of a cathedral some observers did not exclude such turn of events. Affirmed even that the second round of voting if any of candidates does not type a simple majority of votes is required. If election procedure has gone under such scenario to authority of the new head blow would be struck.

more or less the situation has cleared up only last night after metropolitan Philaret took rejection. As the head has declared a press - services of the Moscow patriarchy Vladimir Vigiljansky, ekzarh Belarus metropolitan Philaret has asked all those who has voted for it, to vote for metropolitan Cyril. Besides, yesterday majority of votes of Pomestnyj the cathedral has voted to expanding the list of applicants for the Patriarchal throne. After this information already very few people doubted, who becomes the successor II.

Opened for the press there was only a first part of session of a cathedral on which has been served moleben, the reading and writing about convocation of a cathedral is read and the greeting of the president of Russia is announced. More than three hours participants of a cathedral have spent behind the closed doors. Before announcement of results of voting, by the certificate of present believers, in a temple of the Christ of the Savior in which took place elections of the patriarch, zamirotochila an icon of Bozhiej of Mother Umjagchenie malicious hearts . In 22. 00 Moscow time it has been announced that 508 delegates of a cathedral have voted for metropolitan Cyril from 701.

Acting prior to the beginning of voting on Pomestnom a cathedral, Cyril has told about what was Russian Orthodox Church during Alex`s II patriarchate, and has noticed that on a cathedral dares, what the church will be in the near future. Metropolitan Cyril has underlined that the basic moral representations of all traditional religions are in many respects close, that allows to resist together to calls of moral nihilism, aggressive godlessness, international, political and social enmity . He has expressed on behalf of church hierarches in support of a traditional family, for return of morals to economy.

the special accent has been made on relations of Russian Orthodox Church with the power. Cyril has noticed that in the countries of initial responsibility of Russian Orthodox Church the new legal base is gradually created, allowing to build constructive cooperation of church and the state. In Latvia the law ", for example, is passed; About the Latvian Orthodox church which non-interference of the state to church affairs and special guarantees to clerics, in particular, are fixed.

experts consider, what exactly in the area of church and state interaction it is necessary to expect appreciable changes. The lord Cyril will be friendly with heads of the state, but in the polite form will remind them of necessity hristianizatsii politicians, economy and public life - the president of fund " considers; development Institute Victor Militarev. In the field of a doctrine, canons Cyril - the conservative.

at Cyril the church will occupy that position with which the power should be considered, - the director of an orthodox shelter " agrees; hope Island Alexander Ogorodnikov. - at it the church of will position and confirm as full, authoritative and strong public force . The expert believes that the practice which has developed earlier when officials could privately to call and about something to ask church figures, at Cyril will not work .

Diakon Andrey Kuraev believes that Cyril always supported mutual relations of the state equal in rights and the authorities And construction of dialogue with the power, in its opinion, will not be priority for the new patriarch. its main attention will be directed on intrachurch knowledge. After all today on the foreground there is a theme of unity of church, - speaks diakon. - As the shattered church is a weak church which becomes a subject of manipulation of political strategists .