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The heroin shaft

Moscow is covered with the Afghani drugs

In Management of Federal Agency of the Russian Federation on control over drug trafficking (FSKN) on the city of Moscow on Tuesday have summed up 2008. Narcopolicemen recognise that for 12 months conditions with a drug trafficking in capital of appreciable changes to the best have not undergone and on - former remain very difficult. And both in capital, and in other regions of Russia the tendency to change of structure of deliveries is observed - soft drugs are slowly but surely replaced with heavier - in particular, substances opijnoj groups. They make about 60 % konfiskata across Moscow.

all in 2008 by law enforcement bodies of Moscow it is fixed 12 thousand narcocrimes. 700 kg of narcotics, including 400 kg of heroin are withdrawn. Synthetic drugs bring to Moscow from Holland, Baltic and St.-Petersburg, a grass - From Moldova, Kazakhstan and Krasnodar territory, and heroin - from Afghanistan transit through the states of Central Asia. For a year Moscow FSKN it is blocked two Uzbek narcochannels and 18 channels on which the heroin rivers flew in capital from Tajikistan. if to speak about heroin it basically gets to Moscow on so-called northern route - from Afghanistan through Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, - the general - the major of police Vasily Sorokin has informed the correspondent daily fulfilling duties of the chief of Moscow management FSKN. - then a drug overload on automobile or a railway transportation. Heroin deliveries by air have renewed also if to judge on arrested persons . Meanwhile drug dealers attentively analyze drug enforcement actions, do conclusions of own defeats and change tactics. By words g - on Sorokin, recently it is direct to Moscow heroin in large lots it is not delivered. Not to draw excessive attention of law enforcement bodies, it deliver in nearby regions to Moscow or to Moscow Region where it is easier to disappear from a narcopolice eye. And already then with the help melkooptovyh combinations deduce on the Moscow market - the most attractive in Russia.

many labour migrants from lying on northern way Central Asia, and also some other CIS countries and regions of Russia now in connection with crisis remain without work, but do not leave Moscow to itself home and often appear are got mixed up in various criminal cases. Vasily Sorokin has noticed that, according to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of a city of Moscow, migrants appear in 45 % obshcheugolovnyh capital crimes. Thus migrantsky a trace it is possible to find while only in 15,8 % of the crimes connected particularly with drugs. Muscovites on a dope comes across much more - they are got mixed up in 65 % of affairs about illegal circulation of narcotics. However ohraniteli the law and order are compelled to ascertain that changes of such percentage parity towards increase narcotic activity of nonresident Russians and citizens of other states in the light of a worsening economic situation it is impossible to exclude. We will trace these processes - the general - major Sorokin has underlined. Meanwhile, among drug dealers there is a certain division of labour to a national sign. As the chief Moscow FSKN has informed, citizens of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are engaged in the organisation of the heroin narcotraffic is more often, execute functions of suppliers and couriers. For transportation also citizens of the Russian Federation, including the woman and juvenile children as they involve less attention also are used. There are facts of cooperation of organizers of narcotransit with military men. To Moscow citizens of Azerbaijan, gipsies and other local dealers are engaged in directly distribution of a potion.

On the account of the Moscow narcopolice past year was available a little extremely successful operations. G - n Sorokin has declared that one of the loudest opened narcotic crimes in 2008 there was a suppression of activity of the criminal group consisting of inhabitants of Tajikistan from which it has been in total withdrawn an order of heroin of 30 kg. In February or in March business will go to court. Speaking about the most effective ways of struggle against a narcotism, g - n Sorokin recognised that though, of course, the more the persons involved in the narcotraffic and drug trafficking, it will be detained and made answerable, the in a greater degree it will be possible to clear a city from narcotic are nasty, but only one administrative and repressive measures to liquidate in capital a narcocrime problem it is impossible. As the considerable part of criminal communities into which sphere of interests drugs enter, is focused, judging by statistics, on the Afghani heroin. Recently head federal FSKN Victor Ivanov has noticed that there are bases to equate it from the point of view of a damage put to the population of our country, to weapons of mass destruction.

the new Afghani policy is necessary to Russia, - the secretary of social movement " has declared daily; Antinarcotic front Ilnur Batyrshin. - Russia now does not have intelligent position concerning an event in Afghanistan. There are two points of view - or in general about it to forget, or passively to observe that NATO armies there do. But actions of NATO armies in this country show that they cannot solve there a problem of drugs . Really, export of heroin during stay there a military contingent of the USA and their allies has grown from Afghanistan in tens times. Cultivating makovye the local population practically without effort forwards to a plantation the production on the north. In opinion g - on Batyrshina, the help to Afghanistan in restoration of the economy and its transfer with narcotic on normal rails should become the key moment of a new Afghani policy. The given country vital to include in sphere of interests of the Russian Federation. but it should not be simple assignment to the central government as Americans now do. Such approach is useless. Money is spent and plundered. To begin with it is necessary to try to agree at the state level with local leaders about realisation there dot economic projects - building of schools and, probably, any else enterprises - the expert considers. However, a question on how will concern such activity of its Russia western partners whose armies supervise a part of the Afghani territory, remains opened. The heroin wave which has overflowed Russia from Moscow to most to suburbs by them, as a matter of fact, also it is lifted.