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The hydrometal works have left to private traders

the Stavropol enterprise for manufacture of fertilizers have sold by auction

Open Society Hydrometal works (Lermontov) has replaced the owner. As a result of open auction of 100 % of actions of the enterprise, before belonging to Rosimushchestvu, have been sold to the Moscow Open Company selhozhimprom . Purchase of the Stavropol enterprise has managed to the new owner in 123,7 million rbl. Participants of the market are not familiar with Open Company selhozhimprom also do not exclude that the company was involved with not so much factory, how many a ground on which it is located.

Open Society Hydrometal works (GMZ) since 1967 makes mineral fertilizers and fodder additives. A commodity market of production of the enterprise - region of the North Caucasus.

by data weekly the South The decision on Hydrometal works sale has ripened at administration one year ago, however till today wishing to get an active was not. On open auction it has been exposed more than 755 thousand ordinary actions of factory that has made 100 % of its authorised capital stock. According to Rosimushchestva, the auction step has been estimated in 2 million rbl., however the enterprise has been sold at the initial price of 123,7 million rbl.

Recently affairs at the enterprise went not very well, - has noted weekly the South a source in power structures of Stavropol Territory. - we count that with changes in factory management its activity will go uphill as the business connected with mineral fertilizers, is actual today .

as the Buyer of the Stavropol enterprise the Moscow Open Company " has acted; selhozhimprom . It is known that on wholesale trade in fertilizers, pesticides and other agrochemicals the company conducts activity since 2007. Neither to players of the market, nor experts of Stavropol Territory in the field of mineral fertilizers this company has appeared is not known. In Rosimushchestve have refused to announce the list of all participants of auction on Open Society purchase Hydrometal works .

Leading players of the market of mineral fertilizers of Open Society evrohim and Open Society Fosagro have refused to make comments on a situation concerning transition GMZ in hands of the new owner. Both companies have confirmed that did not apply for an active and did not participate in the auctions - for them the enterprise with such financial problems did not represent interest.

one of independent experts has assumed that the Stavropol enterprise could be quite bought not for the purpose of manufacture development. It is not excluded that not factory, and a ground in developing resort and business area of Stavropol Territory became favourable acquisition. To receive the comment new sob - stvennika concerning Hydrometal works prospects it was not possible - within the working day in selhozhimprome nobody has lifted phone tube.