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Risky Aeroflot

despite crisis, the airline will spend 286 million dollars for six liners A321

Airline Aeroflot without having been frightened of possible decrease passazhiroperevozok, has in the end of the last year entered into the agreement on purchase of six liners A321 - 200 the Air carrier will receive these cars for 286 million dollars already in the end of 2009. In total this year the company expects to receive 24 new planes.

Aeroflot and Airbus have signed in the end of December, 2008 the contract on delivery of six new planes A321 - 200. As it is informed in materials Aeroflot the sum of transaction makes 286 million dollars, that is one plane will manage in 47,7 million dollars we Will remind that in 2006-2007 the airline, according to its reporting, bought similar planes on 50,6 million dollars for the liner.

It is planned that liners will be put in September-December, 2009. According to earlier concluded contracts in 2009 the airline planned to receive 18 planes of family A320.

As informed earlier Aeroflot despite the reduction in demand which has begun in the end of the last year for aviatransportations, the company in 2008 could improve the indicators essentially. For 12 months Aeroflot has transported 9,27 million passengers, in comparison with 2007 the volume of the transported passengers has increased by 13,5 %. In 2009 we plan to keep quantity of passengers and a little it to increase, but not to reduce. But it is the optimistical purpose. On the one hand, all plan falling of a volume of passenger traffic for 15-20 %, on the other hand, Aeroflot will try to involve passengers of airlines - competitors - the assistant to the general director under the finance and planning " spoke in the end of the last year; Aeroflot Michael Polubojarinov. As he said, in the end of the last year the airline has seen decrease on 20 % of booking of tickets in business - a class for January-February, 2009.

meanwhile before Aeroflot there is a problem not only escalatings provoznyh capacities, but also aircraft depot updating. Earlier the airline even was going to take in wet leasing at the daughters - Aeroflot - the North and Aeroflot - Don - to 25 srednemagistralnyh liners Boeing 737 - 500 on That replacement - 134 and They be 154. the Financial expediency of additional purchase of planes in present conditions should be counted. They cannot such quantity of liners razletat for short term. Why China refuses purchase of foreign planes, and Russia only in addition orders? At us, what, other trend? - the basic private shareholder " doubts; Aeroflot Alexander Lebedev.