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Anisimov has sold uranium

the Co-owner metalloinvesta has sold a share in the Kazakh uranium deposits

the Unique private Russian company Effective energy N. V (belongs to the co-owner of holding metalloinvest to Vasily Anisimov), engaged in uranium extraction abroad, has sold the shares in uranodobyvajushchih the enterprises of Kazakhstan to the Russian state holding Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ). Experts believe that the given active has been sold from - for the big debts metalloinvesta and its shareholders.

Open Society Atomredmetzoloto operates Russian uranodobyvajushchimi actives. 100 % of actions belong Atomenergopromu entering into state corporation Rosatom . In 2008 the holding planned to extract 3841 t uranium, and by 2025 to increase extraction to 25 thousand t.

Yesterday ARMZ has informed that has agreed with the company g - on Anisimov about purchase at it shares in two Kazakh joint ventures - Open Company Karatau (50 % of shares) and joint-stock company the joint venture Akbastau (25 % a minus one action). In ARMZ have refused to make comments on transaction details.

we will remind, Russian - the Kazakh joint ventures on uranium extraction in Kazakhstan on a deposit Budennovsky (stocks are estimated all in 280 thousand t uranium) have been created in 2007 within the limits of realisation of the complex program of cooperation in the field of atomic energy use. Thus the parties have divided projects exactly half-and-half: 50 % in Open Company Karatau has got Kazatompromu and 50 % of the company g - on Anisimov Effective energy . In the joint venture Akbastau the Russian half has been divided between tehsnabeksportom (has transferred these assets ARMZ) and " later; Effective energy .

Thus, ARMZ consolidates all Russian actives on uranium extraction in territory of Kazakhstan. In Effective energy have explained that the joint venture parties from the very beginning worked in close interaction, developed joint schemes of working out of a deposit. According to the source in the companies, the decision on sale it was accepted for the purpose of increase of efficiency of use of an active the agreement is signed by the parties, and the transaction should be closed in three months.

as has explained daily a source in the market, the private capital, that is Anisimov`s company, have admitted to uranium actives on an insisting of the Kazakh party, and it was from the very beginning obvious that after a while Effective energy will sell the share to the Russian state structures. To reflect on active sale right now g - on Anisimov, according to Michael Stiskina from Three Dialogue have forced debts, and also desire to be focused on metallurgical business. Thus, according to a source daily, ARMZ was not the unique candidate on purchase, the large foreign companies were its competitors. However the state holding was helped by that on conditions of the agreement half in the joint venture should belong to the Russian side. And if during pre-crisis time for this active could apply and Interros and Renova today the state has appeared the unique solvent applicant.

Dmitry Baranov from IK finam notices that in Russia already shortage of uranium gradually starts to be felt. He assumes that in the near future Rosatom consolidates at itself and other uranium actives, for example in Mongolia. Speaking about transaction cost, the analyst assumes that it has made no more than 20 million dollars