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The auctions of a century

in the end of winter Christie s will sell Iva Sen collection - Lorana

For the right to expose on auctions art collection Willow of Sen - Lorana struggled the largest auction houses - Sotheby s and Christie s. Still half a year back experts have estimated this meeting in 300 million euro, and their estimation has not changed even in the conditions of global financial crisis. The auction which was repeatedly called as auction of a century, will pass in Parisian Gran - Pale from February, 23 till February, 25th with support of auction house Pierre Berge & Associes. A month before auctions Christie s, won dispute of giants, has told about a top - prizes from a collection of the couturier.

Yves Saint Laurent was the expert and the judge not only fashions, but also operas, literatures, painting. In the end of 50 - h years of the last century only got acquainted Sen - Loran and its partner Pierre Berzhe already knew well that become collectors. Modelling business has born fruit, and together with them and possibility to collect one of the largest private art collections. Sen - Loran and Berzhe bought those products which were pleasant him. And as collectors possessed, to put it mildly, good taste, in their Parisian apartments on rju - de - Babilon and rju - Bonaparte have appeared entirely one masterpieces: beginning from the Roman sculpture of I century of our era and finishing Andy Warhol`s works.

Pierre Berzhe, the partner and an executor of Sen - Lorana, made the decision to expose meeting on the auctions (the obtained means will go on financing of scientific researches on struggle against AIDS), has transformed the collection most part into prizes. In its private property there were only personal memoirs and photos, and also Andy Warhol`s works on which that has represented Iva Sen - Lorana. Quite possibly, as the apartment on rju - de - Babilon also will be exposed on the auctions - negotiations now are about it carried on. In number of those works of art (and them is more than 700 prizes) which will be sold by auction, Anri Matisse, Pablo Picasso`s creations, Pita Mondriana, Fernana Lezhe have got.

Estimates of prizes Christie s amaze with boldness of an estimation. And though, according to representatives of the auction house, the catalogue of prizes has been finished only by the end of December, crisis has not affected it by no means. So, a picture Narcissuses and a cloth in dark blue and pink tones Anri Matisse it is preliminary estimated in 12-18 million euro. Matisse`s really, this unique cloth, dated 1911 which when - or appeared at auctions Christie s (all other works of similar level are safely collected in the Hermitage). But, for example, musical instruments on a little table Pablo Picasso`s brushes are estimated in 25-30 million euro. has carried and Pitu Mondrianu: its estimates Compositions make 7-10 million euro.

Despite high estimates, expectations Christie s are quite explainable. The auction house already has an experience of sale of a personal collection of princess Margaret. Then even modestly estimated prizes were sold by auction at the record price thanks to a name of their proprietress. Now it is a question of the products collected by Sen - Loranom. These works inspired the couturier on creation of its magnificent collections. Who knows, on what they can inspire the future owners. the most known private collections sold on Christie s Rudolf Nurieva`s Collection, January, 1995
Rothschild Collection, July, 1999
Karl Lagerfeld Collection, May, 2000
Kollektsija Forbsa, February, 2003
the Collection of Natana Vildenshtejna, December, 2005
the Collection of Its Royal Highness of Princess Margaret, June, 2006

the Source: Christie s