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S the house-keeper will fill in with beer Moscow and Kiev

the Network of bars - a class has sounded plans for development for 2009

As it became known daily, one of the largest Petersburg networks of pubs SPB in 2009 intends to enter the market of Moscow, regions and the CIS countries. The nearest concrete plans of the company - five bars in capital and four - in Kiev. Besides, it will be opened five - six new points in St.-Petersburg and some bars in territory severo - the West. The volume of investments into the expansion program will make about 100 million rbl. Participants of the market consider that the company can quite realise the plans as for institutions the house-keeper - a class now there are as a whole favorable conditions.

a network of pubs SPB (Joint-Stock Company the Network of pubs ) It is based in 2006. The network concept assumes democratic beer with the average check 300 rbl. the area of 300-400 sq. m. Now includes 11 points in Petersburg. Belongs to Alexey Arashtaevu and Alexey Ilinsky which also are co-owners of Vasileostrovsky brewery and experimental plant the Field . Financial indicators do not reveal.

as the general director of network S Andrey Smirnov has told daily, the company already carries on negotiations for opening of bars S in Moscow where it is planned to start simultaneously five institutions, and also expects to enter the market of Kiev this year. the concept and the network name will be kept, - he tells. - crisis essentially has not affected our plans but only has forced us more precisely them to formulate, and also to struggle for the client more actively and to keep the prices .

As to Petersburg here S intend to continue the expansion begun in last year to a historical part of a city (the last there were bars on Garden, 14, and on Neva, 8), therefore from five - six planned institutions four will open in the centre. By words g - on Smirnova, an exit beer in prestigious areas it is caused by desire to present a network which has been calculated earlier basically on students, wider audience, including tourists. The prices in central beer on 5-7 % above. Besides, S plans to develop a network on severo - the West.

the volume of investments into the general program of expansion will make about 100 million the rbl. which basic part will be made by own means.

participants of the market notice that while, despite the general economic situation, outflow of clients from institutions the house-keeper - a class, including pubs, is not observed, therefore they can quite take places of closed more expensive cafes and restaurants. From - for that that many firms have cancelled korporativy, there was a December not so good month, - the managing director of a network " speaks; Thick fraer Hope of Lubin. - but as a whole we consider a situation as stable, the plans on expansion we do not cancel and we try to keep the prices . However g - zha Lubin has noticed what to go to Moscow and in other regions a network yet does not risk, besides, victualers repeatedly said that the Ukrainian market is difficult of - for differences in national specificity.

according to the co-owner the Baltic express train (operates several beer restaurants of an average price segment) Michael Fejgelmana, beer institutions as a whole are in more advantageous position in the public catering market as their concept initially assumes the low prices. To pass in the house-keeper - a segment from - for crisis it does not gather yet. It is difficult to do a conclusion about any outflow as December really was for many failure (earlier on one korporative it was possible to earn to 40 thousand dollars), and January is not finished yet, - he marks. - while we were limited to that expensive dishes as the high prices now cause irritation " have cleaned from the menu some;.