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Record discount

Object nedostroja is offered to sale at the price of the earth

In the market of commercial real estate of Petersburg the biggest discount since the crisis beginning is offered. Company Becar Realty Group has informed yesterday on sale nedostroja in Fishing, bought one year ago under business - park, all for 200 dollars for a square . Experts do not exclude that discount testifies to a difficult situation of the seller.

Becar Realty Group refuses from redevelopmenta the former industrial cases of factory of aluminium designs in Fishing. The active on 3 hectares of the earth has been bought by the area of 47 thousand in sq. m in the beginning of 2007 under the project business - park. But plans of the company from - for crisis have changed. to build there business - park the area of 100 thousand in sq. m it is unprofitable. It will be more effective the industrial project. But it not our profile. Some companies, including firm on manufacture of autocomponents " are interested in an active; - the director for commercial real estate Becar Realty Group Spb Alexey Lazutin has informed.

the Active is exposed on sale at record-breaking low price for the market. the declared price makes third of summer cost of an active - has informed g - n Lazutin. Exhibiting to sale nelikvida with such discount is an indicator of a pitiable condition of the company. Even at unsuccessful investments it is considered norm to sell for the same sum for which has bought. And Becar leaves the transaction with an indicator 0,3. For the market it is a nonsense - operating partner LCMC Dmitry Zolin considers. Discount decent. But the seller on the transaction will earn, as an active, under my data, has been bought at the price of 50 dollars for a square - the director of the company " confirms; VS Development (the former director Becar Management Company) Vladimir Jadykin. There is even a probability that during an exposition of object it can decrease - it agree the head of department of industrial real estate Astera St. Petersburg Vera Bojkova. Obtained means Becar plans to invest in purchase of objects of office profile. In total on these purposes in 2009 the company will direct about 40 million dollars These are own company`s resources. Outstanding credits at Becar are not present - has assured g - n Lazutin.