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Builders have braked

Habitation five times has lowered rates of increase

Volume of input of habitation has surpassed the most courageous expectations of the Russian authorities which expected to receive following the results of 2008 no more than 61 million in sq. m of new houses. According to given Rosstata, the building volume last year has made 63,8 million in sq. m, having exceeded indicators of 2007 on 4,5 %. Thus the statistics fixes decrease in rates of increase of branch five times in comparison with previous year, and participants of the market predict the further regress. According to experts, the majority of buildings in regions of Russia are now frozen, and new projects do not begin from - for absence of financing.

in December, it is traditional hot month for developers when they actively hand over objects for plan performance, it has been entered 17,9 million in sq. m, or hardly less than third of total amount of the houses constructed for a year. Thus in the autumn of 2008 of analytics asserted that the crisis branch cannot reach such indicators. instead of a planned gain in 10 % in relation to last year now it is clear that the last year`s figure in 60 million in sq. m " will not be reached also; - the president of the Russian union of builders (RSS) Victor Zabelin declared. At the same time head Minregiona Victor Basargin hoped for 61 million in sq. m.

Ten-percentage growth builders really could not show, however and excess of an indicator of 2007 on 4,5 % it is possible to consider practically as success. However it is necessary to notice that rates of increase of building in Russia have braked: indicators of 2007 exceeded indicators of 2006 on 20,6 %. The volume of civil work estimated in money, in 2008 has reached 4,53 mlrd rbl. (growth on 12,8 % in comparison with 18,2 % in 2007), and in December growth was only 0,1 %.

Delay of rates was observed not only in the autumn-winter, but also within all 2008. The government steadfastly watched reports of official statistics which marked sharp decrease in volumes of building. The authorities saw a source of troubles in shortage of the earth under new objects and shortage of money at potential buyers. Financial crisis only has aggravated sector problems, however Victor Basargin now promises to break once again a record in the Russian market of real estate and to enter in 2009 65 million in sq. m of habitation. It is curious that its assistant Sergey Kruglik in the end of the last year did the forecast for 2009 at level of 52 million in sq. m. Builders were even less optimistical, staking on 51 million inhabited squares .

According to the general director of the Russian union of builders Michael Viktorova, almost three quarters of regional builders have been compelled to reconsider terms of realisation of the housing projects and to freeze a part from them. Head RSS adds that among the projects starting one year ago, are close to end no more than 10 %. the Majority of the new projects which are at a paper stage, are curtailed. All it the next years will lead to decrease in volumes of housing construction - the general director of the analytical consulting centre " agrees; Miel Vladislav Lutskov.

Participants of the market notice that the state help could promote achievement of the declared lath. provided that the series of measures of support of branch or if state and municipal authorities become active participants of building with such support the declared volume quite can be achievable " will be developed; - the director for marketing of company MIAN Alexey Kudryavtsev considers. However state support can find the selected builders only in the spring, the rests should escape own forces.

The SOU - 155 will construct more habitation

In 2009 GK the SOU - 155 intend to invest in building 44,4 mlrd rbl., it is told in the company message. Building volumes this year it is planned to increase by 10 % in comparison with 2008 - from 1,394 million to 1,540 million in sq. m. Including 1,07 million in sq. m of the SOU - 155 will construct in Moscow and Moscow Region and 470 thousand in sq. m in regions of Russia. Growth of volumes of building became possible thanks to development own industrially - building base in regions, it is marked in a press - release. Capacity of seven factories ZHBI of the SOU - 155 upon termination of their modernisation will make more than 1,9 million in sq. m a year, and four factories on low building will give volume in 180 thousand in sq. m of habitation. daily