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The Ministry of Agriculture has dispatched happiness letters

department prepares measures of state support of food branch

As it became known daily, after Minregionom who has started to discuss forms gospodderkzhi the companies strojkompleksa, the Ministry of Agriculture has requested the information of the companies of the food-processing industry and agrarian sector for the purpose of development of a series of measures on support of the backbone enterprises. For today in the ministry meetings with representatives of some companies, including " have already taken place; Vimm - the Bill - Danna and the majority of them was already submitted by demands for reception of the state help. Manufacturers ask state guarantees under bank credits and strengthenings is customs - tariff regulation.

As they say in the letter of the Ministry of Agriculture (is available on hand daily), addressed to manufacturers of foodstuff and to agroholdings, with a view of development of a series of measures on their support at the ministry the special commission which Andrey Slepnev has headed the deputy minister of agriculture is created. At sessions of the commission till February, 15th it is planned to consider financially - an economic condition of all confirmed backbone organisations of the food-processing industry and agrarian and industrial complex. This list included 34 enterprises.

group Clear up agrarian and industrial complex the Stojlensky field and GK prodimeks have received inquiry from the Ministry of Agriculture and now prepare the answer, representatives of the companies have told daily. A company meeting Russian sea with the commission of the Ministry of Agriculture it is planned for February, general director UK " has told; Russian sea Dmitry Denezhkin. We count that the help of the state " will be rendered us; - he has noted.

Some companies have already held the presentations in the ministry. Last week the meeting of the commission of the Ministry of Agriculture with representatives mjasopererabatyvajushchego sectors has taken place, the general director of agroindustrial holding " has told; Miratorg Alexander Nikitin. we while only presented the company, have told about activity in the conditions of crisis, but demands yet have not submitted. We yet have not formulated, that we want - he has declared. In prodo to receive the comment it was not possible, the representative Cherkizovo has refrained from comments concerning a meeting in the ministry.

the company mosselprom has already made an application on reception of state means. as we grow, are interested in that the state helped us and further to develop - the assistant to the general director " has declared; mosselproma Vadim Kamashev. Has made an application and GK Russian farms the president of group Andrey Danilenko has informed. Because cost of many actives seriously decreases, and banks toughen requirements from the point of view of mortgaging base, Russian farms have addressed with the demand to provide the state guarantees on additional credit resources and on end of the begun projects, it has explained. the group is not in a crisis or precritical condition, but we are disturbed by that we can seriously slow down rates of increase, - has underlined g - n Danilenko. - We do not ask money, and we ask to make so that the bank system continued to co-operate with us .

carries on negotiations with the Ministry of Agriculture concerning state support and Vimm - the Bill - Dann Marina Kagan has informed the trustee of the company. By data on the third quarter 2008 end, a company debt made 644 million dollars In March VBD it is necessary to pass the offer under the third bonded loan on 5 mlrd rbl.

the Director for corporate communications of the company JUnimilk Pavel Isaev has declared that the company did not submit the demand for reception of the state help: We do not need direct state support. We welcome the help of the government in the decision obshcheotraslevyh problems . But if the general economic situation becomes worse, the companies, probably, the help of the state is required, he has warned.

yesterday in the Ministry of Agriculture the presentation of the companies " has taken place; Efko and Solar products the councillor of directors " has told; Efko Valery Sergachev. If we ask about the help in sphere it is customs - tariff regulation of import - he has specified.