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Newspaper Independent is on sale

among possible buyers - Alexander Lebedev

the Irish media holding Independent News and Media (INM) has exposed on sale a number of the actives, including the British newspaper Independent. Among possible buyers of edition Sunday Business Post names the Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev. Operational director INM has told about conducted negotiations with the owner of National reserve corporation to the newspaper Gavin About Rejli. As a result of sale of actives the publisher intends to gain not less than 100 million euro. Names of buyers representatives of holding declare next week.

Alexander Lebedev denies probability of purchase not only the British newspaper Independent, but also any other printing actives, referring to a lack of means. In a press - service Independent News and Media comments have refused. In the beginning of January Lebedev has bought 75,1 % of London newspaper Evening Standard for 1 pound sterling at Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT). The son of the businessman Evgenie Lebedev has informed MediaGuardian. co. uk that investments into this newspaper will make 25 million pounds sterling within the next three years. Before transaction fulfilment on purchase Evening Standard g - n Lebedev repeatedly declared that is not going to buy the newspaper in London. However the transaction has taken place last week. Then, by the way, there was an information that the Russian businessman intended to buy newspaper The Times, but was refused from Ruperta Merdoka.

Participants of the Russian media market assume that, denying the interest to purchase Independent, Alexander Lebedev dissembles, as earlier did concerning Evening Standard. They consider quite probable possibility of that the businessman really asks the price of the edition, but does not wish to advertise the interest. Analyst IFK Metropol Sergey Vasin considers that strategy of purchase of media actives zadeshevo is now justified. it is quite admissible and reasonable strategy, - it makes comments. - the press in Britain has the certain status, people read it, she most likely will not die . Analyst IK the Three Dialogue Anna Lepetuhina believes that after the lapse of crisis both British newspapers will be on - former are read, and investments into them are quite expedient. on the basis of these editions it is quite possible to create good publishing holding as these editions have good reader`s audience - she speaks.

earlier Alexander Lebedev stated desire to have printing holding, and, according to a number of experts, Evening Standard and Independent can become good base for its creation. In Russia the businessman publishes the New newspaper also intend to continue the newspaper edition the Moscow correspondent which release has been stopped in October of last year.