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Payment is too expensive

Auctions on sale of new licences are not in demand

Financial receipts from realisation at auctions of licences on nedropolzovanija oil and gas sites during the current year can be reduced essentially in comparison with the past. As the head of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources Yury Trutnev has informed yesterday at session of presidium of the government, last year the budget has received from granting of rights of use by bowels more than 90 mlrd rbl. It practically twice above results of 2007 (then single payments on auctions, according to Rosnedr, have made 46,6 mlrd rbl.) . However on the end of 2008 and the beginning of the flowing the tendency of loss of interest at the companies to acquisition of new sites of bowels at the auctions was issued.

the most part of the planned auctions while is cancelled from - for absence of demands.

last year it was planned to spend auctions on sale of licences for 211 sites of the bowels containing oil and gas. About it it is told in materials of Rosnedr following the results of carrying out of auctions on nedropolzovanie last year. And 93 sites from this list are transferred since 2007 following the results of recognised not taken place auctions. The head of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources Yury Trutnev on the a press - conferences on December, 25th last year sounded that in 2008 47 auctions on hydrocarbonic sites have taken place only. And though in plans of Rosnedr officially declared by department to expose during the current year on sale of 212 oil and gas licences, they can appear too optimistical. After all even the large oil companies optimise the investment programs, concentrating first of all on maintenance of extraction of raw materials.

LUKOIL considers three variants of the investment program depending on mid-annual cost of oil: at 50 dollars, 65 dollars and 80 dollars for barrel. In the most optimistical case of the investment will not exceed 8 mlrd dollars, at worst - at 50 dollars for barrel - they can fall to 5 mlrd dollars and more low (in 2008 they have made nearby 15 mlrd dollars) . At oil Gazprom budgetary variants also three depending on cost of barrel of oil 70, 50 and 32 dollars In the first case of the investment will be reduced to 25 % in comparison with 2008, in the second - on 35 %, in the third - on 45 %. The multinational corporation Board of directors - VR has confirmed the company investment plan in 3,3 mlrd the dollars, the put oil price - 60 dollars for barrel, however sources in the company carefully notice that more pessimistic scenario of the price for oil now prepares and reduction of expenses for 1 mlrd dollars is not excluded But official acknowledgement of this information is not present. The representative of the multinational corporation - VR Nikolay Gorelov has declared daily that the company has got five licences in 2008 and since November of last year on current date more got nothing at auctions.

even at Rosneft which did not reduce kapzatraty in a rouble equivalent, in dollar they have fallen to 21 % in comparison with last year`s (at the price for oil in 50 dollars for barrel). In a situation of such optimisation the majority of the companies do an emphasis on maintenance of oil extracting and intend to get new licences only under condition of a favourable parity of the price and quality of stocks offered to working out.

head a press - services of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources Nikolay Gudkov has informed daily that for today Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources and Rosnedra do not plan to reduce quantity of auctions on sale of licences as oil and gas, and on firm minerals, and also to reconsider starting payments towards fall. The planned volume of budgetary receipts from realisation of licences usually is not present, the total amount follows from demand. And besides auctions there are single payments for receptions of licences on competitive and beskonkursnoj to a basis. However exhibiting to competition of one of the most attractive on quality and quantity of stocks of oil of deposits - a name of Trebsa and Titov - this year can not take place. The scheme of calculation of single payment for usings bowels of shelf deposits that interferes with distribution of these licences is not co-ordinated till now.

thus the statistics on not taken place auctions on which small deposits are exposed mostly, depresses. Only from the beginning of year it is not realised three oil and gas sites on Yamal and two in the Irkutsk region, from an early autumn on the end of December of last year has not taken place more than 20 auctions from - for absence of demands.

analyst IK the Three Dialogue Valery Nesterov believes that with development of an economic crisis the situation will be aggravated. The companies are anxious by performance of plans on geological prospecting and oil recovery on those sites which at them already are and if the state is interested to sell new licences it is necessary to reflect not only on reduction of starting payments, but also about perfection of the ground and wood legislation which imperfection while prevents to begin in time to oil industry workers working out of new resources - he considers. In its opinion, the quantity of auctions under oil and gas licences from - for price conjuncture on raw materials in comparison with planned Rosnedrami in volume will be reduced during the current year more than to 50 %.