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Without the Russian gas

Wants to learn to live Europe

Russian - the Ukrainian gas conflict has pushed Europe to acceleration of realisation of project Nabucco. However at all efforts of EU term of input of a gas pipeline is again transferred to operation - with 2013 for 2014. The prime minister - the minister of Czechia Mirek Topolanek named direct threat to the European gas pipeline the Russian projects Northern and Southern streams. Meanwhile Bulgaria has decided not to wait linings of new pipes and yesterday has agreed about replacement of the Russian gas by the Azerbaijan.

gas pipeline Nabucco in the extent of 3,3 thousand in km is planned to construct for transportation of the Central Asian gas to Europe bypassing Russia. Project cost is estimated in 7,9 mlrd euro. Capacity of the pipeline should make 30 mlrd cubic m a year.

for discussion of gas pipeline Nabucco in Budapest passes the two-day summit. The main problems of the project - search of a source of its financing and a raw-material base. In opinion of premieres - the minister of Czechia presiding in the European Union, Mireka Topolaneka, the Russian projects of gas pipelines Nord Stream (on a bottom of Baltic sea) and the Southern stream are direct threat to project Nabucco as deprive Europe potential new sources of deliveries of gas. Initially Nabucco has been focused on the Iranian gas, but after introduction of the USA of sanctions against Teheran Europe had to reflect on other suppliers. Representatives of Iran in Budapest have not been invited. But some days ago the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Iran Mehdi of the Safari has declared readiness of its country to participate in the project. And now Teheran is supported by Turkey.

readiness to participate in the project yesterday has declared also more desired for EU the supplier of gas - Azerbaj - dzhan. But, despite all efforts of EU, term of input of a gas pipeline is once again transferred to operation - with 2013 for 2014. The operating director of the project of Rejnhard Mitshe has informed on it. Let`s remind, in March of last year start-up Nabucco has been transferred with 2011 for 2013. Summing up a yesterday`s meeting, premieres - the minister of Hungary Ferents Djurchan has told that work on creation at high enough level of international board Nabucco has already begun.

the First stage of building gazo - wires for the sum of 200-300 million euro should be financed from the European cash desk. In the long term, the prime minister has told, larger means be required. The general share of EU g - n Djurchan has estimated in 2 mlrd euro. Interest in financing Nabucco declared the European financial institutions, having noted, however, that are not ready to accept final decisions yet. According to the president of the European investment bank Phillip Majstdadta if technical and economic conditions are executed, the bank can incur 25 %. About necessity at first to analyse the project from the market point of view The head of the European bank of reconstruction and development Thomas Mirov has informed also.

meanwhile Bulgaria did not begin to wait buildings of new gas pipelines to refuse the Russian gas. During the summit the Bulgarian prime minister - minister Sergey Stanishev has agreed with the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev that next week the gas companies of two countries will begin negotiations about deliveries 1 mlrd cubic m of gas a year. It is supposed that they can begin in 2010.

according to the director of department Due Diligence NKG 2 Audit - Business consultations Alexander Shtoka, the main problem Nabucco - absence of a raw-material base. The basic exporter of the Central Asian gas on - former is Gazprom . Iran is in a zone Near-Eastern and tsentralnoaziatskoj instability. It is more probable that Europe can replace the Russian gas, developing alternative energy sources and increasing import of gas from the countries of Northern and Western Africa. If it happens, and to Gazprom it is necessary to reorient export deliveries from the West on the east, concludes g - n the Rod.