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Dismissals go at full speed

this year will repeat a last year`s record

Come 2009 promises to become same record by quantity of dismissals what was previous. From the beginning of this week manufacturers worldwide have already informed on intention to reduce more than 70 thousand persons. Under forecasts of experts, for this year only in the USA the companies will get rid of 2 million workers (last year the American economy has lost 2,6 million workplaces that became a maximum since 1945). Workers and employees not without the bases worry about the professional destiny as aggravation of financial crisis will inevitably provoke new waves of reductions.

on Monday such American giants have informed on current and future reductions of the personnel, as the world`s largest manufacturer of building technics Caterpillar, pharmaceutical Pfizer and ritejler Home Depot. Analysts notice that these and other companies continue to manoeuvre in crisis waters, supporting itself afloat various maneuvers, and dismissal is far not an extreme measure. Caterpillar after falling almost on third of profit for the fourth quarter declared reduction of 20 thousand workplaces, and it has appeared that the most part of employees is already dismissed. 5 thousand more blue collars it is left the company till the end of March.

after purchase for 68 mlrd the dollars of competitor Wyeth have declared Farmgigant Pfizer intention to get rid of 19 thousand persons (15 % from staff) after closing of five manufactures. Wireless provider Sprint Nextel will refuse 8 thousand employees (14 %), and the leader in sector of sales of the goods for house Home Depot will dismiss 7 thousand persons. The motor-car manufacturer of General Motors earlier from - for recession of sales of cars promised to close factories in Michigan and Ohio and to reduce 2 thousand workers. The second-large American manufacturer of microchips Texas Instruments plans to close 1,8 thousand places under compulsion and thus counts that 1,6 thousand more workers will leave voluntary.

according to Chicago rekrutingovoj companies Challenger Gray and Christmas, for January the economy of the USA will grow thin for 150 thousand workplaces. There was a January, 2002 when the American business has dismissed 248,5 thousand persons record month of reductions. definitely since 2001 when there was a collapse a pillbox - komov such large-scale reductions were not observed, - quotes agency Bloomberg of representative Challenger Gray of James Peddersona. - From the point of view of quantity of the companies and volumes of dismissals this day is rather unusual . By data for a week before last, in the USA the quantity of the statements submitted to bodies on unemployment, has come nearer to 589 thousand that is a maximum for last 26 years.

In transatlantic Europe in 2009 of workplaces too will not increase. So, ING, the largest Dutch company, rendering financial services, has declared intention to reduce labour on 5,4 %, or 7 thousand employees. As the reason the losses fixed within two quarters on end have served. The quarter losses first for six years have compelled the largest European manufacturer of electronics Royal Philips Electronics to dismiss 6 thousand persons. The second-large manufacturer of a steel in Europe, company Corus entering in Indian Tata Steel, against demand falling will reduce staff by 8 %, or 3,5 thousand persons. we see only an iceberg top - large firms, - economist John Hancock Finansial Services of Rebekka Bro considers. - Below there are companies which will dismiss too employees, doing it with the same speed, and can, even faster .