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in the Perm tragedy it is impossible to blame only a club management

Tragedy for Perm once again has shown inability of the authorities to carry out supervising functions. Repeated ­ blasting “ the Neva express train “ after it was promised to strengthen safety on transport, a little to a pain of similar fires at houses for aged - in all these accidents there is a fault of officials, but anybody from them persistently is not punished. According to experts, declarative measures following the results of state of emergency do not give results as the power is incapable to punish itself, as a result the official impunity leads to new  destruction of people.

on the night of Saturday there was, perhaps, the most terrible tragedy of last years. By quantity of victims it is comparable with tragedy in Beslan, “ the North - Ostom “ and  destruction of a submarine “ Kursk “. Difference in that people were lost not on military service and not from hands of terrorists, their lives have ended in night club where they have come to have a rest after labour week, being assured that with them anything bad does not happen. But they were mistaken.

the country leaders have reacted at once after tragedy. President Dmitry Medvedev was indignant with a negligence of owners of the Perm night club and has demanded to punish guilty “ under the full program “. Ministers of Rashid Nurgaliev and Sergey Shojgu have declared that it is necessary to spend checks of sold pyrotechnics and pleasure institutions. Criminal cases are raised, founders and heads " are detained; the Lame horse “ and the individual businessman who has established pyrotechnics­.

in general as events will develop, it is clear: loud statements of the authorities, checks, criminal cases. However to execute the kontrolno - supervising functions each time why - that is held back inability of the state. The main things by guilty already declare owners and heads of club.

Sergey Shojgu asserts that the club did not carry out the instruction of firemen. “ this object was checked regularly, and last time instructions on elimination of infringements of requirements of fire safety, one year ago, have been written out, the penalty on 1 thousand and 1,8 thousand rbl. " twice left; - the minister has told. He has noticed that in December expired that term, when “ inspector Gospozhnadzora could come and check up again how the instruction " is carried out;.

the Fire in Perm forces to reflect on that, supervising authorities are how much capable in Russia. All know, what exactly at level of supervising inspections corruption in the country prospers, despite all attempts of the authorities to strangle it. Any businessman will tell that is simple so to scare away the fire inspector the point it will not be possible. The official forgetfulness it is necessary generously prosponsirovat.

“ Inspectors, directors, local authorities will not bear yet real responsibility for accountable territory, other officials, accidents will proceed, - the vice-president of the Center of political strategies Alexey Makarkin considers. - Checking will not be afraid and to shut eyes further to infringement for a bribe, and the businessman who has been not burdened with consciousness, will continue to agree on the offered order “.

In the Perm tragedy already all goes to that will punish only a night club management. Fire inspectors will get off with reprimands, and security guards of club who should rescue people, and instead the first have run away, and at all remain unpunished.

“ at us diligence runs ahead of reason, the president is critical has responded to heads of club, them have there and then detained and will blame now them, - the head " specifies; Merkator - groups “ Dmitry Oreshkin. - It is clear that without their fault has not managed, but guilty among officials, obviously clearly, it will not be found. After blasting in 2007 “ the Neva express train “ heads of the Russian Railway have not found time at all first-aid sets in cars to place. Also what, though somebody was responsible for it? The bureaucratic state is incapable to punish adequately guilty “.

Fiery tragedies in clubs

• on February, 3rd, 2007 in Moscow as a result of a fire completely has been destroyed cultural - the entertaining centre “ Glory “. The Fire area - over 1000 sq. m.

• on March, 25th, 2007 in the centre of Moscow there was a fire indoors a striptease - the club located in a building of theatre “ Lenkom “ on Small Dmitrovka. The fire has begun after in club has passed traditional fiery show. During show the barman has spilt about 300 ml of burning spirit, its clothes have flashed, fire was threw on the five-litre canister with spirit, then the club scene has lighted up. As a result of a fire 11 persons were lost. Of tragedy two barmen of club - Alexander Kosobutsky and Sergey Eremenko are recognised by guilty, they are sentenced to three and a half to years of a colony - settlements, and also the director of an institution Sergey Tcherkasov who was responsible for observance of fire prevention rules, it has received three years conditionally.

• on February, 7th, 2008 in Moscow there was a fire in elite night club “ Dyagilev “ located in several tens metres from the Moscow theatre “ the Hermitage “. Two persons have suffered. A fire area - 1,5 thousand in sq. m.

• on November, 15th, 2009 to Naberezhnye Chelny in a disco - a bar “ Atmosphere “ there was a fire. Two persons were lost, 29 persons are hospitalised, eight of them in a grave condition.